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Will Barbados Show Andy Garcia’s Cuba Movie “The Lost City” ?


Last weekend, our new writer Clive had a wee bit too much rum – and he started to talk about Cuba and what he has seen and heard during his many months living, studying and working in that country. Poverty, oppression, fear… and the whispered locations of graves that are secretly passed from generation to generation.

Why are the graves' locations whispered from grandfather to son to grandson? Because they contain the bodies of those murdered in the night by the Castro brothers, Che and some other monsters who still rule over Cubans. Some of the graves are decades old, and some are much newer. The communists have lost the institutional memory of where the bodies are buried – but as with Russia, the families remember.

A Great Digging Will Commence In Cuba

When the Castro brothers and others are gone, a great digging will commence in Cuba – as families seek to recover the bodies of their loved ones. Until that time, the Barbados Free Press will occasionally remind Bajans of what Fidel Castro is really all about, and why Barbados and our Prime Minister should not climb into bed with despots like Castro.

In memory of the murdered, the jailed and the oppressed – we are setting aside today to write about Cuba.

Will Barbados Show Andy Garcia's Cuba Movie "The Lost City" ?

Andy Garcia's new movie about Che, Castro and the Cuban Revolution, "The Lost City", is effectively being banned in many Central, South American and Caribbean venues. The movie, which Garcia describes as "a labour of love for 20 years", shows Fidel Castro and Che Guevara as communists who murdered Cuban civilians in order to impose their iron rule upon Cuba.

Gosh, what's so controversial about that? That is the truth, isn't it?

Apparently, there are many on the left who would prefer to remember Che and the Castro brothers as "heroic revolutionaries" – rather than men who personally put pistols to the heads of innocent men, women and children in front of their families.

Perhaps you think that is an exaggeration? We invite you to do some reading and viewing of old photos here or here. (WARNING – Graphic, not for the queezy.)

Will Barbados Show "The Lost City" ?

Given the close relationship between Castro and Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur, we would be surprised if "The Lost City" ever makes it to public venues in Barbados. After all, Castro and PM Arthur are The Best of Friends


Paul Berman of Slate Magazine wrote a brilliant piece two years ago – "The Cult of Che". Here are some passages, but you must read the whole article at Slate

The cult of Ernesto Che Guevara is an episode in the moral callousness of our time. Che was a totalitarian. He achieved nothing but disaster… Che presided over the Cuban Revolution's first firing squads. He founded Cuba's "labor camp" system—the system that was eventually employed to incarcerate gays, dissidents, and AIDS victims.

To get himself killed, and to get a lot of other people killed, was central to Che's imagination. In the famous essay in which he issued his ringing call for "two, three, many Vietnams," he also spoke about martyrdom and managed to compose a number of chilling phrases: "Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine. This is what our soldiers must become …"— and so on…

…Che was an enemy of freedom, and yet he has been erected into a symbol of freedom. He helped establish an unjust social system in Cuba and has been erected into a symbol of social justice….

…The modern-day cult of Che blinds us not just to the past but also to the present. Right now a tremendous social struggle is taking place in Cuba. Dissident liberals have demanded fundamental human rights, and the dictatorship has rounded up all but one or two of the dissident leaders and sentenced them to many years in prison. Among those imprisoned leaders is an important Cuban poet and journalist, Raúl Rivero, who is serving a 20-year sentence. In the last couple of years the dissident movement has sprung up in yet another form in Cuba, as a campaign to establish independent libraries, free of state control; and state repression has fallen on this campaign, too…

I wonder if people who stand up to cheer a hagiography of Che Guevara, as the Sundance audience did, will ever give a damn about the oppressed people of Cuba—will ever lift a finger on behalf of the Cuban liberals and dissidents. It's easy in the world of film to make a movie about Che, but who among that cheering audience is going to make a movie about Raúl Rivero?


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Castro’s Communist Chinese Limo – Will Owen Arthur Take A Ride?


Here it is folks… Castro's limo – a "gift" from the brutal Communist dictators who rule China.

And… as we find when we examine the specifications for this "limo", it is truly a Communist product…

– Really overdone as a response to being insecure about the obvious failures of their system.

– Consumes resources that would be better spent on making things better for ordinary citizens. The communists would rather build a limo than pipe clean water to a village now living in filth.

– Is called some stupid, totally uninspiring name. In this case, the limo model is called "Great Wall".

– Produced in China – a country where citizens are regularly beaten and executed for praying or possessing a Bible, and given to a brutal dictator who has murdered thousands for their religous or political beliefs.

– Despite all the Communist cow droppings about "the people" and "equality" etc etc etc., according to a media report, the limo has a highly luxurious interior with leather trim, LCD TV, a stereo system with DVD and MP3 players, touch screens, and a nicely equipped bar with a refrigerator.

– Like communism, the limo is all about show… not real performance. It may look good, but under the hood is a roaring (wait for it!)….. 125 horsepower, 4 cylinder engine made by Mitsubishi.

So what do you think folks? Will Castro invite Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur for a ride in his new limo? Will PM Arthur accept a ride?

Hmmmmm…. probably. After all, Castro and PM Arthur are The Best of Friends



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