Barbados Death Boat Was Headed Senegal To Cape Verde Islands

As a followup to our original story "Death Boat Arrives In Barbados", authorities have now determined that the eleven men died of starvation and dehydration.

Caribbean Net News reports…

The identities of the men have still not been determined, as local police are still awaiting word from the authorities in Senegal, Africa, where it is believed the men originated. The Weekend Nation newspaper has reported being in contact with a Senagalese man, Ibrahima Dieme who believes that one of the eleven corpses is that of his brother.

He told the newspaper that his 29-year-old brother, Soukhar Diao Dieme left Senegal for the Cape Verde Islands two months ago with the intention of taking a boat from there to Brazil.


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8 responses to “Barbados Death Boat Was Headed Senegal To Cape Verde Islands

  1. John

    We complain as all good Bajans do.

    Then something like this happens and we realise the lengths to which people will go to the escape their own country.

    We are blessed.

    Let us make sure we never get our country to the stage where citizens will expose themselves to the risks these people took to flee their own country.

    That responsibility is squarely in our hands.

    The death boat is a lesson.

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  4. Mirjam Unger

    Can someone please help me find the original french text of the tragic note written by Diaw Sounkar Diemi (one of the man who died on the death ship)

    I am from Senegal but have been living in Cape Verde for a year. Things are bad. I don’t think I will come out of this alive. I need whoever finds me to send this money to my family. Please telephone my friend Ibrahima Drame.
    Signed Diaw Sounkar Diemi.”
    “I WOULD LIKE to send to my family in Bassada a sum of money. Please excuse me and goodbye. This is the end of my life in this big Moroccan sea.”
    I can only find this translatend text origenaly by El Pais. I realy need it. Thank you.

  5. Our Deapest condolances from all at Cabo Verde Property World

  6. alex

    i love to come and visity cape v island

  7. Straight talk

    Dear Frank,
    With your impressive list of qualifications and obvious total command of your chosen language, may I suggest you contact Ms Mia Mottley for further instructions.

  8. Kela

    So sorry for the deceased families