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Barbados Death Boat Was Headed Senegal To Cape Verde Islands

As a followup to our original story "Death Boat Arrives In Barbados", authorities have now determined that the eleven men died of starvation and dehydration.

Caribbean Net News reports…

The identities of the men have still not been determined, as local police are still awaiting word from the authorities in Senegal, Africa, where it is believed the men originated. The Weekend Nation newspaper has reported being in contact with a Senagalese man, Ibrahima Dieme who believes that one of the eleven corpses is that of his brother.

He told the newspaper that his 29-year-old brother, Soukhar Diao Dieme left Senegal for the Cape Verde Islands two months ago with the intention of taking a boat from there to Brazil.


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Carnival Cruise Ship Drops Barbados – But The Glass Is Still Half-Full

carnival destiny.jpg

The Nation News posted a story today that the Carnival Legend cruise ship has dropped Barbados from the 2007 schedule due to high fuel costs. While this is not the news that any of us want to hear (especially taxi drivers like Shona's brother) Linda at My Barbados Blog broke this story last week and provides a slightly more optimistic perspective than The Nation News.

Linda pointed out that other islands also took a hit – but Barbados won out in some other Carnival Cruise Lines business decisions. The Chairman of Carnival Cruise Lines also affirmed the fact that the southern grounds near Barbados is still one of the world's most highly desireable cruising areas due to the close proximity of diverse cultures available to passengers.

Yes, we all have to work harder to ensure our guests have an excellent time when they get off the cruise ship for the day, but for Barbados, the glass is still half full – not half empty.

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Guyana Judge Highlights That Caribbean Court Of Justice Will Cost Barbados Sovereignty

Caribbean Court of Justice, CSME, Will Cost Barbados Sovereignty 

Her Honour Justice Désirée Bernard of the Guyana High Court didn't exactly set out to make that point last Friday evening when she spoke at Two Mile Hill, St. Michael in Barbados… not directly, anyway.

Read what The Nation has to report about Her Honour's comments, and then remember this… nothing is free. Barbados has decided to participate in the Caribbean Single Market Economy – and that will require that Barbados surrender it's sovereignty to receive the benefits – if any – from CSME participation.

Many have forgotten that nothing is free – and there are no guarantees that the "benefits" of CSME will outweigh the downside.

Don't say that we never told you.   

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President Bush Proposes Lifting 54-Cent Duty On Imported Ethanol – Will Barbados Benefit?

President George W. Bush has proposed lifting a 54-cent duty on imported ethanol – but does this impact Barbados at all?

Will Barbados even be able to make enough cane-based ethanol to supply it's own needs? And if we can make enough ethanol to have a surplus to sell outside the country, will cane-based ethanol be as cost-effective as corn-based ethanol?

I don't know the answers, but does anyone in Barbados really know either?

This Chicago Tribune article is a good read for anyone interested in the whole ethanol subject.

Guyana Sugar Industry Article

And while we are on the subject of sugar and ethanol, Ian McDonald of the Stabroek News published an article on Sunday May 7th… "Sunrise For Sugar".

Mr. McDonald was wearing only his rose-coloured glasses when he wrote the piece, but it is nonetheless very interesting to hear a Guyanese perspective on the sugar industry. Again, well worth reading.

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