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Barbados Environment Ministry – Embarrassment Of The Week

Grape Hall Rusty1_375.jpg

Thousands of Well Used Appliances Free In Barbados

Welcome to Barbados, Sir. Missus. Are you here for the Cricket World Cup? Golf Classic? Perhaps just a little surf, sun and a casual stroll on the island?

Excellent! Happy to have you and your tourist dollars.

Here in Barbados, we have everything to make your vacation enjoyable – Beautiful vistas, excellent food and friendly ordinary folk who will smile and make your stay as perfect as we can.

And… we have something else that you are sure to remember when your friends back home ask about your trip to Barbados. We have something that many folks mention when they go back home …. the world's largest outdoor used appliance store – where everything is free!

You see, many years ago the Government of Barbados decided that if someone dumped an unwanted appliance by the side of the road, it would be a good policy to do nothing about it. Just leave it there. Doan't take any steps to pick up the old rusted refrigerators, washers and cookers and doan't have any enforcement action against those citizens who put the old appliances there.

Oh… and doan't have any reliable scheduled garbage pick-up for such items either – otherwise the citizens won't dump the appliances by de side of de road!

You see – having NO POLICY is actually a Policy in itself. We have a policy of having no policy about turning the island into the world's largest outdoor used appliance store.

So tourists… com'on here to Barbados, and take back home a free refrigerator, cooker or washing machine. It may need a little work… but such a deal!

This Barbados Environment Ministry – Embarrassment Of The Week is a lovely old refrigerator and a couple of bicycles that have been by the side of the road right in the center of Grape Hall… for the past three years!

Now, we are not saying that the people of Grape Hall – or whoever dumped this there – are not to blame. But after a certain number of years and thousands of rusted appliances still sitting by the side of the road in Barbados, it is perhaps time to insist upon some leadership from the Government of Barbados.

Please… Environment Minister Thompson? How about it? How about starting by sending just one truck to Grape Hall to collect the appliances by the side of the road…?


'An if you do that for us in Grape Hall, we won't start talking about what is on the side of the road near your place. Deal?

'An just in case your people doan know how to get to Grape Hall, here is de sign to help them. We know the Environment Ministry doan send their folks there too much…

Grape Hall 3 200.jpg
'An here is what to look for by de side of de main road in Grape Hall…

Grape Hall Rusty2_250.jpg

post by Robert & Shona

photos by Shona 


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Barbados Featured In New Electronic Game “Age of Pirates – Captain Blood”

Well, they say that any publicity is good publicity…

"Age of Pirates: Captain Blood" is a pirate action game. The player is supposed to assume the role of brave and noble pirate captain, Peter Blood, and follow his intriguing and amazing adventures in 1685 on the Spanish Main.

The game is based on the story of the novel "Captain Blood" from Rafael Sabatini: an epic Odyssey about an English surgeon who was framed and condemned to a penal servitude on Barbados. Passing through hard times, he escaped from the tropical plantation hell and become a pirate. Soon the Caribbean was set ablaze by his deeds and exploits.

"Age of Pirates: Captain Blood" gives the gamer the extraordinary chance to live the life of one of the most eccentric pirates of all time. Follow the pirate star in an amazing quest for gold, glory and love.

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