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HEAT Newspaper Features Barbados Free Press Staff Interview


The current issue of HEAT Weekly contains a major full page article about Barbados Free Press – complete with an interview of BFP's Senior Editor, Marcus Davidoff.

HEAT is Barbados' newest paper and has been turning heads in the media business with it's rapid growth and a superb ability to present compelling human interest stories and in-depth coverage of Bajan social and political concerns. The May 5-11, 2006 Issue (#22) features BFP in a full-colour page 4 article "Barbados Free Press Won't Be Muzzled".

HEAT publishes every Friday, so you will have 5 more days to grab your copy. Here is a sampling from the HEAT feature…

"As a result of our search engine status, and the number of foreign government and financial institution visitors to our website, we believe that the Barbados Free Press has a presence and influence totally out of proportion to what one would expect for a part-time blog website…"

"…We are all united in our love for Barbados and our belief that that knowledge, transparency and accountability are fundamental to a healthy democracy – and that our country lacks these qualities at present, or that they are in danger."

"…Still, we believe that Barbados and Bajans have so much unrealized potential. Our objective is to cause debate – real debate – and to shine a spotlight on those nasty secrets that keep us from achieving our full potential as citizens and as a country…"

BFP Editor Marcus Davidoff as interviewed by HEAT


HEAT is published by Heat Publications Ltd., Fontabelle, St. Michael, Barbados. Telephone 467-2082 – and is available in stores and newsstands throughout Barbados.

Pick up this week's HEAT (#22) and read the full article "Barbados Free Press Won't Be Muzzled"


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