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Priorities in Barbados – A Citizen’s View

A fabulous letter was published yesterday (May 2, 2006) by the Nation News online. Bradley Prescod wrote that Barbadians should not be distracted from the important issues by "red herrings" such as the "Negrocrat" remarks by the Prime Minister.

Mr. Prescod then went on to list the priorities for Barbados as he sees them.

While we believe that the behaviour and language of the Prime Minister is important in a larger way than Mr. Prescod would agree, we think that his letter lays out some important priorities for Barbados.

Thanks to Mr. Prescod for his most thoughtful comments to his fellow Bajans. We will present a short list here, but you really should have a look at his original letter here.

Mr. Prescod's List of Priorities for Barbados

I am consciously appealing to our people not to be so easily sidetracked, in view of the fact that there are so many unanswered and unsolved national problems that need urgent attention. National problems need solutions beyond the verbosity of our leaders and members of Parliament.

We the people must speak out and demand solutions to these problems and issues that effect our lives on a daily basis:

the high cost of living;

the lack of representation by most parliamentarians;

access to the beach on the West Coast, particularly along the St James coast;

the erosion on the West Coast beaches from Holetown to Road View and on the South Coast;

illegal dumping in our gullies, and so on;

litter on our streets; the high cost of land;

the sale of our prime land and properties to foreign concerns;

the marginalisation of Barbadian workers;

the poor treatment of workers (poor human relations practices);

the poor state of service at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital;

supersession in Government ministries;

poor service by the Transport Board in parishes such as
St Andrew, St Joseph, St John and areas of St Peter;

congestion on our roads;

the amount of potholes in the road, and the deteriorating state of roads;

the bad behaviour on ZRs and minibuses;

loud and lewd lyrics on private sector vehicles;

the decaying state of our education system, decaying behaviour within our schools, among others.

The fact is that Barbados is rapidly becoming "a free for all". People can come into the island and 'set up trade' in any area of our city without a licence. This illegal vending can be seen especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

I can go on and on with the many things that we need answers to in this our country.

I am not politically inclined. I am a proud Barbadian who would like to encourage all Barbadians to put Barbados first.

Politicians are our servants, not our lords; they must be made to be accountable and the PM is no exception. Do not let us be distracted or sidetracked.

Well said, Mr. Prescod. Well said. 


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