Barbados Water Park Battle On The Horizon – Graeme Hall Wetlands In Danger

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A proposal by Caribbean Splash Inc. to build a multi-million dollar water park in Graeme Hall, Christ Church, Barbados, has encountered a roadblock – a negative Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report…

… but our little birdy in the Ministry of the Environment tells us that some staffers in various other ministries are pushing government to ignore the report or find ways around it.

"This is shaping up to be a classic battle between concerned Environment Ministry staffers and those from Economic Development. Preservation vs. development…"

Hummingbird (BFP source)

A Town Hall meeting for residents in the area has been scheduled on June 7th as many have grave reservations about the impact of the water park both on their homes and upon the watershed leading to the Graeme Hall Wetlands. As we detailed in our article "Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary (Part 1) – A Barbados National Treasure… But For How Much Longer?", part of the Graeme Hall Swamp has been designated as a "Wetland of International Importance" – but the rest of the swamp is still unprotected from development.

Hummingbird says that some factions intend to use the June Town Hall meeting as a dog and pony show to allay fears without having to answer the serious technical questions raised in the Environmental and Social Impact Report. (We will see about that!)


Can You Pee In Only Half The Bathtub?

When we were little, Grandma used to throw all the brothers in the bath together – and she would assure the older two "Doan worry. Little J will only Pee in his part of the tub."

Those water fights on bath night were sure fun. But… as much as I wanted to believe Grandma back then, it just didn't sound right that Little J. could pee in his part of the tub and not pee in my water too….

Now, I'm just a little older, and I will not be so ready to believe anyone who says…

"Don't worry about the Graeme Hall Swamp and Nature Sanctuary. The Caribbean Splash facility will only pee in it's own part of the natural watershed."

Story Links

Nation News article here.

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary website here.

Caribbean Splash Inc. website here. Photos displayed under the fair use provisions.

Information Request – Can You Assist?

The owner of the land to be leased for the water park development is the Barbados Agricultural Development Marketing Corporation. Barbados Free Press would like to know the history of this land. Who originally owned it? How did BADMC (now there's an acronym!) come to own the land?

If you can assist with this information please drop us an email at or use the comments section of this post.

Thank you!


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4 responses to “Barbados Water Park Battle On The Horizon – Graeme Hall Wetlands In Danger

  1. Since Government owns this Land, there is no need to sell it.
    It should be kept as a buffer to protect Grame Hall wetlands.
    Barbados is becoming a Concrete jungle.

  2. John

    Your question about who owned Graeme Hall Plantation , and for that matter next door Warner’s Plantation is a wonderful one.

    Unfortunately I can’t answer it.

    It is only after I looked at the aerial photo that I realised what alot of land that disappeared under housing.

    If Government bought it and converted it to housing, Government must be rolling in money from the housing developments that took place on the land.

    Graeme Hall used to be 243 acres and Warners 125. That is close to 400 acres, much of which was converted to housing.

    Wonder how much money Government made in our name?

    One thing is sure, we won’t be getting much sugar cane for the ethanol factory from here!!

  3. Concerned resident

    A press ad says that a copy of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report has been placed at the Oistins and Bridgetown Public Library. Does anyone know if a copy is requested whether the developer is legally obligated to provide it?

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