Friday Fish Day In Barbados


Shona's big brother did very very well on the boat yesterday, so we might not work too much today…

We have to get ready for the beach party tonight. Yum!


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5 responses to “Friday Fish Day In Barbados

  1. Wuh kinda fish dem is in de pic? Are fishermen hurting as a result of not fishing in T&T waters?

  2. BFP

    Dolphin ‘an who say de doan come from T-T water? Heh heh!


  3. ha ha ha wait wunnuh got Highseas coast guard detection radar? or um is that the T&T CG does only look for small colourful woodem fishing boats?

    This reminds me…..what is the more popular name of the fish we call Dolphin?

  4. PAtrick

    o hi half my family lives down there in barbados and i realy like the dolphin that you get from your market