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Barbados HIV – AIDS News

Report: Male Circumcision & Fidelity More Effective Than Condoms At Preventing HIV – AIDS

From the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society meeting in Johnanesburg, South Africa comes yet another report that condom use is going nowhere in African culture – but that male circumcision and fidelity are effective.

I wonder how long it will take HIV – AIDS organizations in the Western world to come to the realization that simply putting condom machines in high school washrooms or even making them free on every street corner is not working…

Promoting male circumcision and fidelity to one partner seems to be more effective at curbing the spread of HIV than promoting abstinence and condom use, USAID researcher and technical adviser Daniel Halperin said last week, the Chicago Tribune reports.

As Halperin and other researchers analyze 20 years of studies on HIV/AIDS throughout Africa, they have tried to "put aside intuitions, emotions, ideologies and look at the evidence in as coldhearted a way as we can," Halperin said. During a speech at a meeting of the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society in Johannesburg, South Africa, Halperin said he and his colleagues discovered that regular sex partners rarely use condoms, and abstinence merely delays HIV infection among young people by one or two years.

Read the entire report here.

Barbados Gold Medal For HIV – AIDS Commission Chairman (Chair Woman!)

In other HIV – AIDS News, Dr. Carol Jacobs, chairman of the National HIV – AIDS Commission, has been awarded the first ever Barbados' Gold Medal of Achievement…

From The Nation News

DR CAROL JACOBS has scored another first in her long and distinguished service to Barbados and the wider world.

This long-standing medical practitioner, who is chairman of the National HIV/AIDS Commission, has been named as the first ever recipient of Barbados' Gold Medal of Achievement.

Jacobs will receive the award for leading the fight against the dreaded disease, both locally and globally, including being the first woman appointed chairman of the Global Fund Board that was created by the United Nations Secretary-General in 2001 to intensify the fight against AIDS…

… Jacobs, who received the Barbados Centennial Honour in 2001, is attending a conference in Geneva.

Good for you, Dr. Jacobs. We will be anxious to hear your views on the HIV – Male Circumcision protection relationship as reported above.


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Email from USS Monterey (CG 61) Off Barbados


From BFP readers who happen to be on the USS Monterey (email IP checks out!), we received an email with the above photo taken from the USS George Washington. (Somehow, I never thought that sailors would be surfing the web on their ship – but I guess they do.)

Anyway, our friends on the USS Monterey unequivocally state that theirs is the better ship. Hmmmm…. wonder if the guys and girls on the USS George Washington would agree with that? 😉

Here is the email from the USS Monterey…

Hi Barbados Free Press from USS Monterey the best ship in the United States Navy. Came cls to Barbados saw your G Washington pic. Monterey is the better ship. pls post this pic for us. thx

Caribbean Sea (April 23, 2006)- The guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey (CG 61) prepares to conduct a fueling at sea (FAS) with Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73). George Washington Carrier Strike Group is currently participating in Partnership of the Americas, a maritime training and readiness deployment of the U.S. Naval Forces with Caribbean and Latin American countries in support of the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) objectives for enhanced maritime security. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 3rd Class Robert Brooks

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USS Monterey (CG 61) Official Ship's Website

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Friday Fish Day In Barbados


Shona's big brother did very very well on the boat yesterday, so we might not work too much today…

We have to get ready for the beach party tonight. Yum!


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