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U.K. Lottery Winner Heads for Barbados


Gareth Cooper is a retired factory worker who just won 2.5 million pounds in a South Wales lottery.

He can think of no better place to spend his winnings than Barbados, and we can't disagree with his decision at all.

IC Wales News website story here.

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Barbados Prime Minister Arthur and BLP General Secretary Dr. William Duguid – Standup Comedians Supreme!

Monty Python could not have done any better…

After 12 years of the BLP in power, and 12 years of failing to introduce any Conflict of Interest or public integrity legislation – despite a majority government – Dr. William Duguid, the General Secretary of the Barbados Labour Party, had this to say about the recent arrest of former Trinidad & Tobago Prime Minister Basdeo Panday…

BLP general secretary Dr William Duguid said his party held to the highest ideals and principles and believed the greatest of integrity should come with serving at the highest level.

He said it was not about what the country could do for politicians, but what they could do for the country.

"This is what we hold dear to in the BLP and we are appalled to see that others do not hold dear to that as well."

As a guess, I have no doubt that Dr. Duguid's favourite Monty Python episodes would have to be The Upper Class Twit Olympics and the Dead Parrot.

Prime Minister Owen Arthur Also Does Comedy Routine About Panday Conviction…

Oh my…this is just tooooo much! We have tears rolling down our cheeks. Shona is hyper-ventilating. Clive is practically on the floor…

Will somebody PLEASE sign these guys up for the BBC Comedy Hour?

The Prime Minister of Barbados says that he never introduced Integrity Legislation because Barbadian Politicians On All Sides Have Been Honest….

"It is one of those things that have been on the backburner. Quite frankly, it has gone on the backburner . . . . Not being facetious, the kind of corruption you hear about in other places, I don't truly believe is the case in Barbados.

"There are people who have become wealthy, whether in politics, but very often those are people who are not part of the Government.

"I am not offering an excuse here, but the edge has gone off it because our system works too, and I believe that by and large the Barbadian politicians on all sides have been honest.

"I can't swear because I'm dealing with human nature, but I think you will find that most former ministers are not people who accumulate wealth through politics.

"Most former prime ministers of Barbados, I must tell you – prime ministers of Barbados as a class – have not been wealthy people, either in office or out of office.

"The Barbadian people can't say that their leaders have 'dipped in', that is true. They live modest lives, and have lived in a way that would suggest to the public that there is no 'gouging' by themselves for personal gain.

"And those kinds of things have taken the edge off (integrity legislation), and you are right that we will have to look at it again. Because anything that can make the system work can only but give the population the comfort that if people stray, that they will have to be held accountable. I think it could only be to the good.

"I don't want to get into instant policy, I haven't discussed it with my colleagues. I think this is going to stimulate interest in matters such as these. It will help politicians too, you know, because you live always under a cloud of suspicion, and if people were made to know what our circumstances are, a lot of that cloud would evaporate," Arthur said. From The Nation News.

"I don't want to get into instant policy, I haven't discussed it with my colleagues…"

Oh no, Mr. Prime Minister, we wouldn't want you to get into INSTANT POLICY. Perhaps another 12 years will be necessary to think about it just a little more? Sure. We understand.

We Call Upon Prime Minister Owen Arthur To Reveal All Offshore Bank Accounts and Assets.

Publicly. Right now, Mister Prime Minister. Or sit down and shut up about integrity.


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Hercules Bar – Oistins, Barbados


Good Evening, Friends…

Welcome to the Hercules Bar in Oistins, Barbados. The fish market is just across the street, so no need to ask how fresh the food is here. Rob – 'e is the best griller known to man. Dolphin like you never knew could happen! 'An when the Marlin are crowding de sea – you never had such a feast as at the Hercules!

But the best happens after, oh, maybe 2am. The band is still here, but the tourists have gone back to their hotels and rooms.

And the girl, she sure can sing…


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