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Barbados Mother – “Cost of Living Is So High, Sometimes I Cry Until My Eyes Are Dry”

After reading this letter to the editor in The Nation Newspaper, I just had to direct your attention to some excerpts. Read the whole thing at The Nation Newspaper

…Cost of living is so high, sometimes I cry until my eyes are dry.

I go to the supermarket every Friday and the market every Saturday. I spend a minimum of $250 a week in "proper" food and basic necessities for myself and my children. I still have to send them to school, still have to have busfare, still have to put money aside every week for the end of the month bills….I can't even get a housing unit or own a piece of this rock that I have known all my life. Instead, others (foreign) can come and do so with ease with no land taxes included (this is what I have heard)…

I can't see the Democratic Labour Party governing Barbados either, they don't fully have what it takes. They need to get their act together.

The People's Empowerment Party is relatively new so I will have to listen and observe and try to analyse their motives.

The BLP has done a lot for Barbados as a country, but not for the average person of Barbados. It seems we at the bottom and the middle really don't matter.

What will my children and their children have to gain or own in Barbados in 20, 30, 50 years? We are being overtaken very quickly. Yes, we should embrace other nationalities, but we are a small country. There is only a certain amount we can hold and should take, we can't welcome all.

What will happen to our offspring in time to come when they are robbed of what was and is rightfully theirs? As a citizen of Barbados, I am frightened when I think of "Barbados" in years to come. I really am.

Marvelle Hall in a letter to The Nation Newspaper

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Que Bola? (What’s Up?) in Cuba


Our new staff member Clive raved about the website Que Bola posted by a retired U.S. medical doctor, Pac McLaurin. The dear doctor seems to have fallen in love with Cuba. ("Like me" says Clive)

The website shows a series of black and white photos taken by the doctor – and they are excellent art as well as a window on seldom-seen moments in Cuban life.

From malnutrition in small children to the joy of a young fisherman with his girlfriend welcoming him back from a hard day's work, Que Bola portrays the real Cuba.

Thanks Clive! (and thanks Doctor McLaurin)


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Barbados Oistins Beach Scrap Metal: Environment Ministry Embarrassment Of The Week

This Barbados Environment Ministry Embarrassment Of The Week is to be found on the beach at Oistins on the south coast.

Just take a look at this photo…


Try to imagine how beautiful this scene would look without the rusting old stove and I-beams. How long have the I-beams and the old stove been there? According to "Flash" – a fisherfolk who was caulking his boat at the time the photo was taken two weeks ago – both the beams and the stove have been there since "maybe four years 'cause dat is when dey put de breakwater down. Many years I see dem in truth."

Barbados has no program to clean the beaches or to pick up the THOUSANDS of abandoned appliances, chemical drums and other large pieces of scrap metal that foul our roads, beaches and wild lands.

So how about it? Will the Minister of the Environment Liz Thompson send out a crew to remove this scrap from Oistins Beach? We will let you know, but don't hold your breath…

The illegal chemical dump we pointed out on March 30th is still there.


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