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Sugar Cane: The Future For Barbados… or a Ball and Chain From Past Slavery?

Barbados Sugar Cane.jpg

Sugar Cane: The Future For Barbados… or a Ball and Chain From Past Slavery?

Let's hear what you think. We'll be publishing a look at the Barbados Sugar Industry next week.

Photo by Shona with her oh-so-new-not-a-scratch-as-yet digital Nikon


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Who Owns Barbados Free Press? Part II

Our reader Adrian also wants to know, "Who Owns Barbados Free Press?" and also expresses the opinion that the Barbados Free Press is too partisan. He speculates that we might be DLP supporters*.

Here is what he wrote in the comment section of our original post…

….I think it is a legitimate question and quiery. Yes who owns this website. I can only speak for me , and that it is a question that i asked, in addition to what is the real objective of this site. Initially i welcomed it from the view that it is delving into, and opening up the meany secrets in Barbados, I am for that wholeheartedly. However these secrets should not be selective, and care should be given to not appearing impartial. This to my estimation is not the case.

At this point in it’s life i think the site is tad too partisan, so yes i too would like to know who own um, at the same time i would caution the BLP and the GoB not to attempt censure. No matter what, censure is never a good thing. I wonder if this site and the TILII will be around after a DLP government is elected, say in seven or eight years from now. D

And here is our response to Adrian and our other readers…

Hello Adrian

Very good to see you asking questions that should be asked… of us, of the Government and of the other political parties. Frankly, had Bajans been demanding government accountability for the last 40 years instead of allowing themselves to be bribed with their own tax money and mortgaged future, Barbados wouldn’t be in the mess it finds itself in.

As to your very well-asked points, here is our response…

Firstly, we here at Barbados Free Press have to remain anonymous for obvious reasons – Barbados is too small a country and those in government have such a tremendous sense of entitlement that they are not above using their position to cause difficulties for those who question their actions, motivations and associations…. and, oh yes… and their net worth.

We fear those in power – from any political party – because Barbados does not have the necessary legislative safeguards in place to ensure that the rule of law will be an effective ultimate refuge for citizens. Those in power ARE the law. Even the Auditor General fears publishing an annual report… notwithstanding that it is just so much fish roe anyway. (”notwithstanding” – Robert’s new $50 word of the day!)

Barbados: a place where a man can be high in power and an intricate part of the government on one day, and the next day be appointed as the Chief Justice – the person who is supposed to judge and arbitrate litigation between citizens and the Government. The “Government” being the Chief Justice’s old drinking buddies.

If there is a “smell test” to the “Rule of Law” in Barbados – it smells like Oistin wharf at fish-gutting time.

Neither Marcus, Robert, Shona nor Clive (our newest writer) have ever been a member of any political party. We are just ordinary people who are concerned for our country, our future, and the future of our families.

Make no mistake: we believe that everything Bajans have accomplished in the last 40 years hangs on a tenuous thread. Economies and regional political alliances have changed, our resources have been abused and most of all, a series of governments – both DLP & BLP – have misused their power to feather their own nests.

If we seem to be focusing upon the BLP Government – it is because they ARE the government of the day. The DLP Government of old was as corrupt and short-sighted as the current BLP government… and you can quote us on that.

Should the DLP or the People’s Empowerment Party* form the next government, we will also call upon them to institute the necessary system changes and legislative safeguards to ensure ongoing accountability of elected officials and civil servants. And… we will report what their Ministers are drinking if they have a $100 lunch at the Savannah Hotel.

In short… the Barbados Free Press is not BLP, DLP or PEP. We are not black, white, Asian or coloured.

We are Barbadians.

(and Adrian… if there is a subject that you think we are not covering – or are slanted on – then write a piece and we will publish it unedited. Any subject, any position. Over 1,000 people a day will read it. That is our offer to you and any other person who loves Barbados.)



*Oh, and by the way, if we were DLP or PEP supporters, the first thing we would do would be to fix them up with a website.


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