Gone Good Friday Kite Flying In Barbados

In Barbados (and in many other Caribbean countries and Bermuda) Good Friday means Jesus and kite flying.

Here is where you can find some photos from 2002 at Vaucluse… courtesy of JustBajan.com


And as for Robert, Shona and Marcus…

We are gone for the day. See you tomorrow! 


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11 responses to “Gone Good Friday Kite Flying In Barbados

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  2. Don

    Good morning,

    Nice Bajan Blog!!!

    I was just reading the article on kite flying and it really brought back lots of memories when I was a young boy living in Barbados.
    I was born there 22 years ago, and now I live in Boston, MA. I’ve forgotten how to make on of these bowed singing kites with the “mad bull.”
    Can you help me find someone in Barbados who has plans on how to make these kites? Thank you so much.


  3. Quince

    I am from barbados I make those kites all the time I live here in boston I am 29 years old. Email me back so I can help you if you still need help?

  4. Seandel Madhoo

    I am looking for my friend Sean Wilson a Guyanese who now livies in Barbados can u help me find him please.

  5. ria crystal

    Quince please could you also email me the mad bull plans. i have a little boy who loves them and i haven’t got a clue where to begin many thanks, ria

  6. quince

    check this out i will make you two for twenty dollars .i will make you a circle one and a square one write back and let me know if you want me to make them for your little man

  7. 186

    I’m about to start making bajan kites and selling them on line.The bigger the kite the more expensive it will be,but my prices will be very affordable.If you need me to make you one here’s my web site you can reach me at [qd phaze12@yahoo.com].Looking forward to doing business with you .god bless and have a good night or day

  8. Xan

    Those kites are annoying and it should be against the law for them to be flown at night! I thought the night time bugs were annoying, the kites take the cake. That buzzing sound is enough to drive one mad!!!! I should take a pair of scissors and just ride around cutting them all down!!!

  9. 77

    Bajan Boy
    I live in Va (Hampton Roads area). This pass weekend went to a kite flying competition and flew my home made 4ft singing angel. It was awesome. I t had been 20yrs since i made one and i did it all from memory.

  10. Anonymous

    Hey Quince,
    Are you still making Bajan kites? My Dad is from Christ Church and is looking for a round kite frame. Any help you can offer would be great. Thanks!