Barbados Beach Sewage: Environment Ministry Embarrassment Of The Week

Once each week, the Barbados Free Press focuses upon one environmental problem in our ongoing attempt to shame Environment Minister Liz Thompson into doing something – anything at all – to clean up our island.

Is it working? Not so far… the illegal chemical dump we pointed out is still there, not one person has yet been charged for illegal dumping in Barbados, no program has been started to even list, let alone clean up the hundreds of illegal garbage dumps on the island, and no program has been started to retreive abandoned chemical drums.

Besides Wednesday $100 Lunch at the Savannah Hotel, just what does the Environment Minister do?

Oh well – we will just keep plugging away.

To find our latest Environment Ministry Embarrassment Of The Week, we headed to the beautiful beach at Bathsheba in St. Joseph. Such a gorgeous tropical paradise…


Just don't go into the water, because this fetid sewage is piped right onto the beach…


And where does the sewage originate?

The Bonito Bar & Restaurant…


Who Owns The Bonito Bar & Restaurant?

According to Hummingbird, our little birdie in the Environment Ministry, this business is "untouchable" because it is owned by the family of a retired Judge. "We all been told doan go there" says Hummingbird.

Hummingbird originally contacted the Barbados Free Press to argue that we should go easier on the Ministry staffers as they are doing all they are allowed to do under the current laws and leadership (or what there is of it). Fair enough – we will focus on management and try to appreciate the plight of the staffers who state they are under-lawed, under-equipped and undermined by political considerations at every turn.

Hummingbird is a little nervous about saying too much, but he/she has promised to help us out a little bit here an there.

Meanwhile, it you fancy a nice lunch with the waves breaking on a beautiful beach – with the wind carrying sewage spray into your food – why don't you give the Bonito Bar & Restaurant a call?

Bonito Bar & Restaurant

Bathsheba, St. Joseph, Barbados, W.I.

For Reservations: (246) 433-9034

"Enjoy authentic Barbadian cuisine on the scenic East Coast of Barbados. Daily Caribbean Buffet, Sandwiches and Drinks"


photos courtesy of our new friend "Hummingbird"


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17 responses to “Barbados Beach Sewage: Environment Ministry Embarrassment Of The Week

  1. Comment Maker

    Perhaps you should check your facts here, the “sewerage” may in fact be a stream. There are several of these that come on to the beach on east coast. You can actually follow it a couple of miles inland. In the rainy season it does become more of a stream than a trickle. Joes River is perhaps the largest example of this and there are at least two more “streams/watercourses” in Bathsheba itself.

    I think you may have missed the mark here.

  2. BFP

    Yes, there are numerous streams that come to the sea on every coast.

    This one, however, is fed by more than just natural spring and rain water. Go to the site, locate the exit as in the photo… and then walk towards the restaurant.

    Then… come back and let us know what you’ve seen.


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  4. Jane


    What is the Ministry of Health doing about this dangerous health hazard?

    Finding the source should not be difficult. Make those responsible pay to rectify the problem and clean up the mess.

    Today I spoke to the manager of the Bonito Restaruant. He says that this is sewage. It is NOT coming from the Bonito. It originates from a property behind the Bonito over which he has no control.

    The manager also told me that he has contacted everyone and done everything in his power to rectify this serious problem, to no avail.

    Unfortunately, neither he nor a spokesperson has contacted BFP to enlighten them on the facts and set the record straight.

    It is very unfair for the management of the Bonito to have to take the blame for something over which they have absolutely no control.

    Imagine just how frustrating it must be for these people, who run a delightful and popular restaurant which serves delicious food to locals and tourists, to be expected to tolerate the stinking and unhealthy sewage so close to the restaruant and to the sea.

    I have no financial interest in the Bonito Restaurant but have enjoyed eating there for many years. In my opinion the East Coast is the most beautiful coast in Barbados.

    I cannot understand why so many of us, at the risk of losing our livelyhood and Barbados losing its good name, choose to remain silent. What is the problem? Somebody please tell me.

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  6. De Unknow Comic

    A Hummingbird Found Floating In A Soup bowl………….

    Oh my little Island in the sun
    Where de hell did dat humming bird suddenly come from
    Rumors did say is dat she did come from de inside buzzing bout causing trouble
    Hoping to get de Minista pun de job, pun de double
    Flying bout de place wid de name of de humming bird
    Materializing her imagination so she could be heard
    Behind de little bird would she try fe hide she face
    Prooving dat spiritual wickedness hide in a low place
    But one of deeze dayz ya gun see who de humming bird is
    When a big wind full of da ocean spray mek she jhuri kurl frizz.

    I man know wid deeze motives that wunna should be wary
    Cause there are those who didn’t want a humming bird, but ah big ugly brown skinned canary
    To go pun de BFP and talk bout what would be a messy shituation
    Dat wuz plaguing de east coast of dis little island nation
    But lemme get down to what is really behind de humming bird’s motivation
    A Bumble B did tell me dat she did want to buy de place and put up a set of comdeminiums. HuM!

    Anyways, she would tell dis story to everyone she would meet
    And daz why Jah neva mek a bajan humming bird tweet
    De only reason de humming bird did talk bout de wata
    Is fe try fe embarrass de Honorable Enviroment Minista
    But wa she did fuhget to yell wunna is
    Bout de morning I did see de humming bird taking a baff in de wata she does call piss.

    De I man think that da humming should be carefull doh,
    Cause even de country rootsman know
    Dat de humming bird should check de wata dat she playing in
    Cause to date, de I man never see a humming bird swim.

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  9. Jane

    I cannot understand why so many of us, at the risk of losing our livelihood and Barbados losing its good name, choose to remain silent. What is the problem? Somebody please tell me.

    Thanks! I got the answer to my question. Unfortunately, it is as I thought.

  10. BFP

    Hi Jane

    Can you expand a bit on that please?

  11. Jane


    The writer of the poem “A Hummingbird Found Floating In A Soup bowl” is obviously fearful and threatens Hummingbird.

    The fear of speaking out is not going to make things any better in Barbados.

    If we had more Hummingbirds around here perhaps Barbados would be in a far better position.

    Speak out. There is safety in numbers.

  12. De Unknown Comic

    Ba looka dis doh nuh, wunna does mek me laff, de I man nev mek na tret pun de hummingbird. De I man wus jus saying dat I man did witmess ah hummingbird floating in a Soupbowl. I man neva say wa she did floating pun.

    Secondly….. Lady Jane. Me na have no problem wid a whistle blower.
    Nun ah tall. But wa I got de problem wid is de method of delivery. This leads de I to believe dat there is an alterior motive at hand here.De fac dat de whistleblower allegedly wuk fa de same Ministry and tries to embarrass and humiliate de Honorable Minister undermines anything dat de H.M is trying to do. If one is not part of de solution den one is part of de problem. Wha she doing, amounts to nothing less than heresy. And therefore she should suffer de consequences thereof. Ya feel de I?

    But I man know a way to solve de problem. Honorable Minister, just go up dey wid sum workmen, dig a well, encase it wid sum bricks and call dat wally. Den secretly go pun de Intanet and find de recipie my grandmudda did tell me bout called “Curry Hummingbird”.

  13. Jane

    Nice. Now I get the drift. More in this mortar than the pestle.
    But talk straight, nuh. Cool.

  14. ross

    What is in the mortar? Who owns the land where the proposed new development is going to be? And where is the Bonito in all of this?
    LJ , not meaning to be rude, but you real thick.
    Pay off, whistle blower ??????

  15. De Comic

    De Comic was reading dem blogs and de top a de page. De one bout Love, Money and Skin Color posted by “Campfyah”. My response is a social commentary sauteed in lyrical satire, on the modern day practice of “Goldiggin”. “Hummingbird” I hope you listening.

    She’s A Golddigga……….

    All too often little girls are told the “Big Lie”
    And they grow up never asking the question why
    Bought into the fallacy that they can’t make it on their own and they’ll need a rich man in order to succeed
    Like a vampire, addicted to the thrill of the chase, will climax while watching her victim’s wallets bleed
    Casting aside things like Love and Laughter, Compassion and Cooperation
    Greed and Envy, Lust and Jealousy along the road would be her companion.
    For she’s a Golddigga……

    With all the right assets in all the right places
    She won’t pay no mind to brotha’s with half empty wallets and dark skinned faces
    With dreams of Nirvana while feasting on their graces
    Will smile, while those other fellas probe her desolate spaces.
    For she’s a Golddigga……

    Slavery was abolished many many years ago
    But some women still adopt this practice, did you know
    Sold to the highest bidder willing to pay the price
    Thus, to be treated like a slave would be her sacrifice
    For she’s a Golddigga……

    She desecrates her mind, her body and her soul
    Offering them to the God in return for that big house, a new car and a few pieces of gold
    Believing that material possessions are the keys to true joy, peace and happiness
    She’ll dismiss those who fail that grey dollar bill test.
    For she’s a Golddigga……

    For example, women like your girlfriend there
    Are like barren fruit trees in a garden that will never bear
    Who disassembles her unqualified suitors with her vampire like stare
    And think that rich boys like me didn’t read the signs that said “Rich Boys BEWARE”
    Whom she’ll make pay cause somebody else, did something wrong, somewhere along the line
    Like daddy who didn’t get enough hugs in, before she turned nine
    Lack of attention or affection from the Alpha male was usually to blame
    Or maybe he slapped her about once or twice while calling the Lord’s name
    No matter what you say Campfyah, it’ll make no difference come twilight’s waning
    I guarantee they’ll still be those left by the roadside broke and complaining
    Granted, this may not be her time or her place, to stop and do some thinking
    However, she should look up and see the sun’s passed midday and the pond’s gradually shrinking.
    For she’s a Golddigga…..

  16. what are the waste problems barbados has from hotels pouring it into the sea?? i need info

  17. what are the problems barbados is facing from hotels dumping sewage into the sea??? i need information