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Barbados Beach Sewage: Environment Ministry Embarrassment Of The Week

Once each week, the Barbados Free Press focuses upon one environmental problem in our ongoing attempt to shame Environment Minister Liz Thompson into doing something – anything at all – to clean up our island.

Is it working? Not so far… the illegal chemical dump we pointed out is still there, not one person has yet been charged for illegal dumping in Barbados, no program has been started to even list, let alone clean up the hundreds of illegal garbage dumps on the island, and no program has been started to retreive abandoned chemical drums.

Besides Wednesday $100 Lunch at the Savannah Hotel, just what does the Environment Minister do?

Oh well – we will just keep plugging away.

To find our latest Environment Ministry Embarrassment Of The Week, we headed to the beautiful beach at Bathsheba in St. Joseph. Such a gorgeous tropical paradise…


Just don't go into the water, because this fetid sewage is piped right onto the beach…


And where does the sewage originate?

The Bonito Bar & Restaurant…


Who Owns The Bonito Bar & Restaurant?

According to Hummingbird, our little birdie in the Environment Ministry, this business is "untouchable" because it is owned by the family of a retired Judge. "We all been told doan go there" says Hummingbird.

Hummingbird originally contacted the Barbados Free Press to argue that we should go easier on the Ministry staffers as they are doing all they are allowed to do under the current laws and leadership (or what there is of it). Fair enough – we will focus on management and try to appreciate the plight of the staffers who state they are under-lawed, under-equipped and undermined by political considerations at every turn.

Hummingbird is a little nervous about saying too much, but he/she has promised to help us out a little bit here an there.

Meanwhile, it you fancy a nice lunch with the waves breaking on a beautiful beach – with the wind carrying sewage spray into your food – why don't you give the Bonito Bar & Restaurant a call?

Bonito Bar & Restaurant

Bathsheba, St. Joseph, Barbados, W.I.

For Reservations: (246) 433-9034

"Enjoy authentic Barbadian cuisine on the scenic East Coast of Barbados. Daily Caribbean Buffet, Sandwiches and Drinks"


photos courtesy of our new friend "Hummingbird"


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Both Governments Claim Victory in Barbados & Trinidad-Tobago Fishing Dispute

"Fishing Victory for Barbados" …. Barbados Advocate

GOVERNMENT is "delighted" with Barbados' "99 per cent" fisheries and maritime boundary dispute victory over Trinidad and Tobago, but it wants a fishing agreement between the two countries "as a matter of urgency".

Basking yesterday in the judgement of an arbitral tribunal established two years ago under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), the Owen Arthur Administration said the way was now clear for local fisherfolk to fish in Trinidad's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) but only within the parameters of an agreement between the two countries.

"TT Wins Fishing Row" …. Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

IT TOOK more than two years and millions of dollars in legal fees, but yesterday, Trinidad and Tobago was successful in preventing its neighbour Barbados from earning a right for their fisher folk to traverse through TT territorial waters, without lawful permission.

A high-powered arbitral tribunal handed down its decision in The Hague in The Netherlands yesterday. In a 116-page judgment, the tribunal found in favour of Trinidad and Tobago and rejected claims of the Bajans that they have a right to fish in waters off Tobago.

Although the ruling was clearly in favour of this country, former Barbados Attorney General and deputy prime minister Mia Mottley claimed victory in a four-page release from Bridgetown, Barbados yesterday.

So with no "agreement" in place, who really won the fisherfolk dispute? Nobody wins unless both governments can reach an agreement pronto. We hope that the Prime Minister puts this on the front burner.

We'll report back in 30 days – but don't hold your breath waiting for the diplomats to agree on anything more than what to have for lunch at the meetings.


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