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Quote of the Day – What is Race?

What is Race?

From our friends at Booker Rising, we were directed to Stereo Describes My Scenario blog, where Avery Tooley has this to say about race…

We always talk about race in terms of Black folks, or increasingly Hispanics, but rarely do we break it down in terms of whiteness. Which is funny, because whiteness is probably the most prime example of the fact that race as we understand it is anything but biological.

Without gettin all deep on it, we know that all the groups we call "white" today didn't start out that way. While "whiteness" is a reference to a phenotypical trait, that ain't all it's talkin about. If you look in your history book (or you might need a better resource than that), you'll see that early in the last century, Italians and Irish, to name two nationalities, were not white. They were phenotypically white, but not socially.

So one more time, race even confounds itself. It ain't even what it is.

Read the whole thing here.

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Barbados “Accidental” Drug Seizure During Police “Training Exercise”

"Training Exercise" – Do You Believe The Official Line?

According to the CBC News, a thousand pounds of marijuana and fourteen pounds of cocaine were seized Monday morning on a boat… "at around 3:30 am, when members of the drug squad, the special services unit and the regional security system were conducting a training exercise in the north of Barbados."

To our Royal Barbados Police Force….

Nice work gentlemen – but we don't believe for a moment that it was a "training exercise" at 3:30am on a Monday morning with Special Service and Drug Squad members both present. You were waiting for the boat to pull in.

Just had to be that way.

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Barbados Cricket World Cup Woes – “Hotels Not Patricipating…Cruise Ships Get All The Money”


The Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association is "not participating" in Cricket World Cup – according to an article in The Nation Newspaper. The article quotes St. Lucy Member of Parliament Denis Kellman…

"If anyone now analysed what was happening re World Cup 2007, one would recognise that the BHTA is not part of World Cup 2007 and if the hoteliers are not part of it, it means we start with a fundamental problem," he said.

The reason they were not a part, he said, was the fact the Government allowed the planners of the International Cricket Council (ICC) to bring World Cup 2007 in the middle of our winter season.

"When the hotels have return guests that they have contracts with on a yearly basis, World Cup 2007 is asking them to ignore their clientele and accommodate them [World Cup] for one year. What total madness is that?" he said.

So who is on side and likely to profit, according to MP Kellman?

Kellman said the event was all about cruise liners and their owners.

"The cruise ships will continue to get all the money. Have you heard of any plan for the manufacturers? Have you heard of any plan for the taximen? Have you heard of any plan for the farmers? Have you heard of any plan for the fishermen? You know why? Because Government has already admitted that they have failed with World Cup 2007," he said.

Photo: Bridgetown Pilot Boat heads out to meet a new cruise ship arrival last week. Photo by Shona, with Marcus at the helm – and Robert and his sweetie madly shouting directions.


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