Barbados Tenantries – Land Title Transfers – To Whom The Benefit?

A Nation News article states that the Government of Barbados will now move “swiftly to complete the transfer of land titles for 700 householders living in urban St Michael by year-end…”

This is the ongoing (seemingly forever ongoing) Urban Development Corporation government program to transfer property ownership to the tenants who have been living on old plantation lands sometimes for generations.

While all this is very fine, we must confess that we just don’t trust the government to properly transfer these land titles without someone wrongfully getting their paws into the money. With zero transparency of process and a history of Barbados Government officials, politicians and their relatives ending up with expropriated or tax-distressed lands, why should anyone believe that the current closed-door process is not being abused?

For Barbados government officials to end up with a little squeeze after a billion dollars of real estate is transferred would just be so, well, Bajan!

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