Can Barbados Pee It’s Way To More Water?

It is always a challenge to find a winning title for an article, and this one was inspired last Friday night at Edna's Beach Bar – as Robert and I headed for the washroom to make room for a few more Banks beer.

We had been discussing the current water shortage in Barbados, and how Denis Yearwood of the Barbados Water Authority recently blamed ordinary Bajans for wasting water while totally ignoring the sins of the tourist and commercial sectors. We feel the same way about Mr. Yearwood's statements as does Linda Thompkins of My Barbados Blog. Linda took Mr. Yearwood to task for his short sightedness, lack of courage and failure to confront large corporate water wasters.

(Linda's article "Water Wasting in Barbados" is well worth reading.)

So while Robert and I were standing there doing our business, we began talking about how much water it takes to flush away a little bit of urine – and how much clean water could be saved if hotels and restaurants were required to use "waterless urinals". Both of us have encountered these devices at Disney World in Florida, but we've never seen one in Barbados.

It would be such a simple thing for the Barbados Government to require waterless urinals in all hotel, restaurant and commercial new construction and renovations.

Why don't the government agencies get together on this? Probably for the same reason they don't clean up illegal chemical dumps on the island… they are much too busy having lunch and cocktails at the Savannah Hotel. (On Wednesday afternoons, it positively looks like a civil service convention over there. Photos will accompany a coming article.)

So in the interest of saving water, and if Minister of the Environment Liz Thompson (white wine) and her deputy (rum 'an coke) can tear themselves away from lunch for a few minutes, Barbados Free Press asks the Government of Barbados to consider mandatory waterless urinals for new construction in Barbados. We could save millions of litres of clean water over the coming years.

The big question everybody asks is "Don't they smell bad?", to which Robert and I answer "Nope, not at all." After all, waterless urinals are good enough for The Taj Mahal – probably the most famous tourist site in India if not the world – so they should be good enough for the Bridgetown Hilton…


Here are some web resources…

EcoTrap No-Flush Urinals
EcoTrap Videos
Falcon Waterfree Technologies (Did the Taj Mahal installation)
AirFlush Urinals

UPDATE – Comment from Hende

Our friend Hende at Barbados Forum writes the following…

Look Marcus, everywhere we are over run by crackpots, little Hitlers and Stalins with pea size brains collecting big salaries , having no more than a hair's width of mediocre skill passing it off as talent. For more than twenty years now, we have had a water shortage problem. Yet these pea brain muguffies have not twigged yet that in proportion to the annual rainfall we get there should be no shortage of water in the island.

There are two problems we have been beset by (a) leakage from over and underground mains. Almost as much water as we use each day is lost again through leaks. Repair the leaks within 24 hours and we have more water for everyone.

(cool.gif For the amount of rainfall we get annually, if we had better means of collecting and storing that water, then we could have potable water far beyond what we need.

What do we need to do, either have one large reservoir or maybe three or four intermediate ones. Acquire the land, and set up a series of conduits that take that water to the reservoirs.

The trouble is that most of the people running BWA have not heard of forward or strategic planning or of 5, 10 or 15 year plans or even looking at the requirements over those years. Thats why we are in the state we are in. Simple.


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  2. I have applied for a student Loan Revolving fund to peruse a BA in Arts Management in the UK, the loan was declined due to the fact that the program is offered at Barbados Community College, this is not true, I have investigated the programs at BCC and the University in Jamaica and Trinidad the Arts Management program is not offered at any institution in the Caribbean.

    I have also applied for the National Development Scholarship fund and was not short listed because I did not submit all the required information. I made several calls to make sure that my application was complete and I also visited the office and it was never brought to my attention that my application was incomplete.

    I am just an eager Barbadian looking for assistance from anyone.

    Please advise.

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  4. Anonymous-

    To HELP:

    Did you present a case to the Student Revolving Loan Scheme to show that the course could not be taken anywhere in the Caribbean? If so (and I doubt it), it would be highly irregular for them to deny your application. Sometimes there is a genuine difficulty on the part of the officers to understand the difference of certain courses, and they also may have found it difficult to imagine that such a course in the arts could not even be sourced at St Augustine – which has an excellent Arts faculty with a range of choices. Normally they will not judge on the name of the course, but the course material, and if there was a course that was analogous to the one you wanted to do in the UK, you would have been turned down. The onus is on you to make a case, and in any event (in my opinion) you dodged a bullet because the maximum disbursement you can get is $60,000 for the entire course of study – which is peanuts in the UK.

    With regards to the National Development Scholarship, I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you, but it’s not an unfamiliar story where this scholarship is concerned. It is administered by the staff who initially short-lists and ensures that candidates’ applications are complete, and then it goes to a Chairman who arbitrarily makes a final short list. My advice would be to write an official complaint that is as concise as possible, cc: to the Minister of State (Cynthia Forde), and Glenroy Cumberbatch, Deputy Chief Education Officer (and the Chairman of the National Dev. Scholarship).

    Finally, I find it curious that you would come to the BFP for help. Would you like to put it to us that you were somehow ‘unfaired’ by the system? If so you should create a pretty saucy backing for it.. perhaps you can say you were a DLP supporter, or that you live in St. John, or that you once wrote a letter to the editor that earned you a threatening call from our great PM. Come now, this is what BFP is made of! Put some scandal in it, will you? Look how long your comment stood unnoticed without it.

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