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Blogging Around Barbados – Hurricane Season, Pimps, Media and Sugar-Ethanol Plans

Marcus and I are putting together a piece on Barbados Government Land Expropriations, but while we do that – here's a few things we've seen around the Barbados blogosphere…

Doan Mind Me writes about a young man in a Barbados Court who was asked by the Judge as to how he makes his living. "I'm a Pimp" answered the young man!

Our next stop is My Barbados Blog, where Linda has posted an excellent article on the predictions for the 2006 Hurricane season. (Barbados usually escapes direct hits, but Shona reminds Robert that he needs to purchase some new plywood for the front windows anyway.)

Patrick Hoyos is up to his usual brilliant standard at the Broad Street Journal, where he writes that it is time for the Barbados Government to get out of the media business. You will have to go to the BSJ website and then look up the article titled "Media Concentration" as Patrick still uses a "framed" website, so we can't directly link to the article.

(Hint, hint, hint… Patrick…. It is time you dumped the framed-style website and provided others with direct permanent links to each article. Do that and both your Google hit rating and web traffic will soar.)

Here is an excerpt from Patrick's article "Media Concentration"…

Of course, the real reason most governments try to hold on to the taxpayer-owned TV stations, even when they have to subsidise them with millions of dollars, is to protect themselves as far as possible from unfavourable press. The TV station can always be used to counteract any unwelcome criticism appearing in the newspapers or heard on the radio.

But with the government running a deficit of half a billion dollars and the national debt expected to surpass Bds$5 Billion for the first time in history this coming year, not to mention our present debt amortisation costing $600 million a year, the government may be finding that CBC is just too expensive to operate, far less to expand.

As for me, I think the government has “fixed” the corporation as much as it can, and it’s time to get out of the media ownership business and instead try to safeguard the citizenry where necessary, as most other jurisdictions do, with the appropriate regulatory authority.

Carib Pundit takes a look at torture of terrorists at Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba). Apparently, one of the tortures is for a solder to eat peanut butter in front of a terrorist prisoner. Really.

And as a final note, Robert Lucas asks in a letter to the Barbados Advocate just why Barbados plans to use sugar to produce ethanol at such a high cost – when it would be much cheaper just to import ethanol. (It doesn't have to make sense, Doctor Lucas – so long as somebody is going to make a dollar… but your question is a good one. Just doan expect no answer from de government.)

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