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The Nation Newspaper Lifts Mia Mottley – Richild Springer Story From Barbados Free Press

Each morning when we open our visitor log, we are happy to see internet addresses (IP's) from all over the world coming to visit the Barbados Free Press website – and we also see various locals visiting us as well.

A few of our friends at The Nation tune in every day and we have even received some very encouraging emails from staffers.

So when a little birdy told us last Thursday that we should take a look on page 10 in the next Saturday Sun (April 1, 2006) for an article inspired by our post "Friend of Barbados Deputy PM Mia Mottley Received How Much Government Money? !!!" – we thought that The Nation had followed up and asked some tough questions of Miss Mottley.

What a disappointment!

The "follow up" by The Nation Newspaper is a cryptic little three sentence nothing in the gossip column.

This is serious journalism by the largest newspaper in Barbados? This is how they follow up a breaking story of possible mispending of public funds and conflict of interest by the Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados?

Does The Nation Newspaper fear the government so much that no journalist has the courage to ask just how much Richild Springer has been paid over the last five years and for what?

Oh well – that's why we started the Barbados Free Press anyway.

Here is the "big follow-up" from The Nation Publishing Co. Limited…



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