Wild Barbados – Archer’s Bay

Marcus & Shona Share A Secret Place in Barbados

So many of our visitors to Barbados never seem to get away from the major tourist areas. They spend all their time drinking rum punch and sunbathing within shouting distance of their hotel – and never see the best parts of of the island…. Wild Barbados in the north and east.

Away from the bustle of Bridgetown and the crowded roads on the west coast, you can still find the Barbados of my youth – a lonely bay where sea spray cleans the air and the waves boom as they smash into undercut cliffs. And nearby, a secret little beach surrounded by cool green forest, with not a footprint in the sand for weeks. It is all there if you know where to look…

Shona – Remember when we first met?

Come again with me to Archer's Bay. We can borrow a car for the day and I'll pack us something to eat – or we can stop along the way and pick up some grilled flying fish and rice. Even on a week end there will be no one else there. At tide out we can walk through the forest and follow the path down to the hidden beach. Our beach.

How about it? Click on the photo and come with me now…

Barbados Archers Bay.jpg

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