Justices of the Peace – How Many In Barbados?

How many Justices of the Peace have been appointed by the Government of Barbados to perform marriages, certify legal documents and generally act with the full authority of law in various legal matters?

How many JPs are there? Who are they?

I don't know…

And neither does the Government of Barbados!

From Wednesday's The Nation Newspaper…

Barbados JP.jpg

Sometimes I think I'm living in some banana republic rather than a parliamentary democracy with the oldest sitting legislature in the Western Hemisphere.

How absurd! What happened? Did someone just "forget" to keep a list of all the people that the government empowered to act as Justices of the Peace?


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7 responses to “Justices of the Peace – How Many In Barbados?

  1. Jane

    Keep your ear to the ground and you will know for sure.

  2. Ping Yark

    Expect the issue to be glendairy’d not it has been ‘free pressed’

  3. …..ha haaa, ……The position of JP has been yardfowled for many a decades. If you did not qualify for a civil service post, you could still get a JP position. Here is a rare oppotunity for the Red and Blue shirt parties to put their hands together and provide the correct number. 😀

  4. So what it the real function of a JP anyway? I’m not sure its a real value add position. Do they actually draw down a salary? I am guessing not because if they were paid then you would hope they could count the number out there. Sounds like time to get rid of them altogether.

  5. Help me out here guy. A JP doesn’t have an official government stamp that expires? Do they have Government stamps at all.. right? Why not wipe the roster clean and start a new system?


  6. You must visit the Saint Lucia Justice of the peace website at jpaslu.com

  7. Can you state clearly if there have created a Register or Website of the number of Justices of Peace in Barbados as yet and where can you find them in the eleven ( 11 ) Districts / Communities or Villages in Barbados .