Barbados Prison Riot 2005 – Secret Inquiry Being Held

The Peliminary Inquiry must be secret – because the news media has been excluded…

From The Nation News

Press barred from prison inquiry

THE PRELIMINARY INQUIRY into charges arising out of the burning of Glendairy Prisons continued yesterday minus the Press.

On Monday the special court presided over by Magistrate Deborah Holder got under way in a section of the prison at Station Hill, St Michael.

That session was opened to the Press, but yesterday when a news team turned up, warders at the gate said they had no instructions about allowing the Press in.

It was exactly one year ago, March 29, that fire broke out at the lone jail as prisoners began protests that ran for days. They were eventually shifted to different areas of the island before they were moved to the temporary location at Harrison Point, St Lucy.

Tip of the hat to Bim Today for pointing out that prison riots and murders of prisoners don't happen in the tourist haven of Barbados – so there is no need for the news media to cover this inquiry anyway.

Did someone say "Royal Commission Needed" ?

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