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Negrocrat Defined

According to Aurelius Smith in a letter to The Nation, no matter what meaning politicians choose to place on the word "Negrocrat", the linguistic root meaning of the word is "to be an exponent or advocate of black-power".

Mr. Smith makes a compelling argument, but whatever the technical meaning, the Barbados politicians who use this foul word intend it to be a racial slur.


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Latest Cricket World Cup Problem – Cement Shortage

The venue development Director for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 has sounded the alarm… cement shortages across the Caribbean are delaying construction of CWC venues.

"The Cricket World Cup office is very seriously monitoring the situation and we have made demands to the Local Organising Committees as to the nature and seriousness," Lockerbie said. "We are aware of the shortages – there were shortages in nearly every territory. I am personally quite surprised that the industry could let down the region, when in the region of (US) $300 million has been invested in this project. The stadium development for the tournament deals with cement and blocks should have been a major one on everyone's agenda."

Lockerbie said that the Cricket World Cup has called for reports from all the nine countries – with 13 stadiums, which will be hosting matches. He said Jamaica and Guyana have been the worst hit, but other countries also faced difficulties…

…from the Trinidad & Tobago Express

The cynic in me has to point out that shortages make for higher prices and budget overages – but we already expected that.

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