Barbados Minister of Public Works Still Smoking Something…

Last week, the Barbados Free Press asked "Barbados Public Works Minister Gline Clarke – What Has He Been Smoking?" concerning the Minister's comments that our roads would all be repaired in two weeks if it weren't for those nasty utility companies getting in the way.

Now, Minister Clarke's attention has turned to the QEH Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Nothing wrong there that a new driveway and a few signs won't fix, he says… and, oh, by the way – the government promises to spend 110 Million dollars on the hospital in the next year. But don't take that as an indication that anything is wrong now…

According to the Minister, the real problem is that we won't stop talking about how bad the hospital is.

From The Nation

During last week's Estimates debate in the House of Assembly, (Minister Clarke) called for people local and abroad to stop knocking the hospital…

"It is something we must all go to and it is no sense pulling down the institution and allowing foreigners to come here and write stupidness in the papers day after day that the hospital is no good."

So everybody just listen to the Minister and Shut Up! Things are fine. Really.

But maybe if the government had spent the 110 million dollars on the hospital last year, that nasty Canadian who complained about "third world" facilities would have instead been talking about what a great place Barbados is for medical care and vacations.

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One response to “Barbados Minister of Public Works Still Smoking Something…

  1. It’s all about LOOKS, isn’t it?

    Keep it shiny.. – it’s only a veneer.
    Veneers are easy to maintain if you’ll just put a little effort into it.
    (That’s how we maintain our high ranking on’s index of countries ranked by order of perceived corruption).

    What want fixing at QEH is a long, and long-ignored list of things,
    much of it due to lack of funds, and that isn’t really the hospital’s fault,
    since they await handouts from Gov’t. as Gov’t. sees fit.

    But the amazing thing is that QEH bigups see it fit to rather fix a new driveway and a few signs, than to fix a kidney dialysis machine?

    but check it…
    That Kidney dialysis machine ain’t fixing for nuh few-hundred dollars like what a new driveway and a few signs gyne cost, yuh know?
    AND a working kidney dialysis machine is not out there in the public eye, like a new driveway and a few signs are!

    So ‘They’ have their reasons and priorities:
    and one is to abate/appease the public outcry,
    and they damned well KNOW that to Bajans APPEARANCES are quelling and satisfying.

    ” ‘Unnuh chill out, we gyne pretty up de place an mek it look good,
    and wunnuh gyne leggo of dis, just now
    and bite back pon something else, by next week.”

    They know us too well!