Barbados Gospelfest Contoversy – Where is Jesus?

REVEREND CHARLES MORRIS has blasted the annual Gospelfest slated to be launched this week, stating that few of its songs mention Jesus, and seemed to portray the Saviour as "somebody's boyfriend".

From The Nation News

The good Reverend has a point about Jesus gone missing from many of the songs. But he goes too far for saying music is evil if the tune is "catchy". Good to talk about Jesus anyway.

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One response to “Barbados Gospelfest Contoversy – Where is Jesus?

  1. Whuh-part Jesus? wunnuh axe?

    Maaan, Jesus dead en gone, lowng, now.
    An he en’ kein back, neider, so doan wait.
    Wunnuh fooling wunnuh-self!