Barbados Double Murder At Bridgetown Nightclub

Bermuda Police Officer Loses Two Sons in Barbados Stabbings

To lose two sons on the same night – I cannot begin to imagine the despair. No matter what happened or how, we should be praying for the parents.

From The Royal Gazette, Bermuda…

A Bermuda Police officer was last night mourning the deaths of two sons after they were stabbed to death outside a nightclub in Barbados.

Justin and William Greene – sons of Barbadian narcotics officer Ronald Greene – are reported to have been killed after a dispute with a group of men in the early hours of yesterday. It is understood that Justin, 21, and William, 25, were Detective Constable Greene’s sons from a previous relationship.

The officer, from Smith’s, is believed to have two other children from his current marriage to a fellow Police officer. In a brief statement issued last night on behalf of Det Con Greene and his family, Police spokesman Dwayne Caines said: “The family is still coming to terms with the realities of the situation that’s taken place.

“They say they have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from their friends, family and colleagues.”

According to Inspector Barry Hunte of the Royal Barbados Police, the brothers, who are Barbadian nationals, had been attending a function at the nightclub in Cavans Lane, Bridgetown, when the incident unfolded at 3 a.m yesterday. “They were involved in a dispute with a group of men and I’m advised that outside the nightclub the group of men engaged them in a dispute again,” said Insp Hunte.

“They received several stab wounds to their bodies and were taken to the nearby Queen Elizabeth hospital where their deaths were confirmed.”



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4 responses to “Barbados Double Murder At Bridgetown Nightclub

  1. So what is the name of this nightclub on Cavans Lane?

  2. sons of a NARC? heh heh heh!

  3. susan...UK

    persön who posted the comment he he is am idiot,those boys ,did not derserve to die,regardless who their father is,u disgust me…susan

  4. 110

    I am just seeing this article on brothers! I have all the others but this one was just brought to my attention.. The person who posted ” sons of a NARC hehehe..” it is not fun losing 2 siblings in one night, and than yours parents get no closure until now! My brothers case just finished a few weeks ago!