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Barbados Double Murder At Bridgetown Nightclub

Bermuda Police Officer Loses Two Sons in Barbados Stabbings

To lose two sons on the same night – I cannot begin to imagine the despair. No matter what happened or how, we should be praying for the parents.

From The Royal Gazette, Bermuda…

A Bermuda Police officer was last night mourning the deaths of two sons after they were stabbed to death outside a nightclub in Barbados.

Justin and William Greene – sons of Barbadian narcotics officer Ronald Greene – are reported to have been killed after a dispute with a group of men in the early hours of yesterday. It is understood that Justin, 21, and William, 25, were Detective Constable Greene’s sons from a previous relationship.

The officer, from Smith’s, is believed to have two other children from his current marriage to a fellow Police officer. In a brief statement issued last night on behalf of Det Con Greene and his family, Police spokesman Dwayne Caines said: “The family is still coming to terms with the realities of the situation that’s taken place.

“They say they have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from their friends, family and colleagues.”

According to Inspector Barry Hunte of the Royal Barbados Police, the brothers, who are Barbadian nationals, had been attending a function at the nightclub in Cavans Lane, Bridgetown, when the incident unfolded at 3 a.m yesterday. “They were involved in a dispute with a group of men and I’m advised that outside the nightclub the group of men engaged them in a dispute again,” said Insp Hunte.

“They received several stab wounds to their bodies and were taken to the nearby Queen Elizabeth hospital where their deaths were confirmed.”



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Barbados Minister of Public Works Still Smoking Something…

Last week, the Barbados Free Press asked "Barbados Public Works Minister Gline Clarke – What Has He Been Smoking?" concerning the Minister's comments that our roads would all be repaired in two weeks if it weren't for those nasty utility companies getting in the way.

Now, Minister Clarke's attention has turned to the QEH Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Nothing wrong there that a new driveway and a few signs won't fix, he says… and, oh, by the way – the government promises to spend 110 Million dollars on the hospital in the next year. But don't take that as an indication that anything is wrong now…

According to the Minister, the real problem is that we won't stop talking about how bad the hospital is.

From The Nation

During last week's Estimates debate in the House of Assembly, (Minister Clarke) called for people local and abroad to stop knocking the hospital…

"It is something we must all go to and it is no sense pulling down the institution and allowing foreigners to come here and write stupidness in the papers day after day that the hospital is no good."

So everybody just listen to the Minister and Shut Up! Things are fine. Really.

But maybe if the government had spent the 110 million dollars on the hospital last year, that nasty Canadian who complained about "third world" facilities would have instead been talking about what a great place Barbados is for medical care and vacations.

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Barbados Gospelfest Contoversy – Where is Jesus?

REVEREND CHARLES MORRIS has blasted the annual Gospelfest slated to be launched this week, stating that few of its songs mention Jesus, and seemed to portray the Saviour as "somebody's boyfriend".

From The Nation News

The good Reverend has a point about Jesus gone missing from many of the songs. But he goes too far for saying music is evil if the tune is "catchy". Good to talk about Jesus anyway.

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Caricom Human Rights Treaty Promotes An Economic Agenda

Selling Bajans An Economic Agenda Masquerading As Human Rights

What's this, you say? The new Caricom Human Rights treaty is primarily an economic agenda rather than having to do with basic human rights? Let's have a look at an article in today's Stabroek News out of Guyana…

"Work has begun on a Caricom Human Rights Treaty, which will succeed the Charter of Civil Society and will be a legally binding document on which the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) can base judgements."

So we are talking about real and binding law here – assuming that Barbados signs it. What human rights are we talking about…Free speech? Freedom of Religion? Freedom from Racial Discrimination?

Nope – maybe our elites will talk about those minor items later. For now, it is about removing barriers within CARICOM that keep your boss from firing you and hiring a new immigrant who will work for half the price.

"The charter deals with workers' rights, for example, on full and adequate employment, social security policies, the right to earn a wage that offers a decent living, collective bargaining, to foster and promote a good working environment and cross-border mobility of labour among other areas."

So just when did "cross-border mobility of labour" become a "human rights" issue and not an economic one? Since they say it is, I guess!

It reminds me of car salesmen painting up an old car to sell. If he makes it pretty enough, people will forget that underneath the shinny new paint, it is still the same old car that someone tried to sell them last week.



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West Indies Blind Cricket Council Launched

From the Trinidad & Tobago Express, we learn that a West Indies Blind Cricket Council has been launched.

Speaking during the launch at the Pommarine Hotel on the Barbados south coast, Committee Head Damion McClean said the council's mains goals this year would be the staging of the inaugural Caribbean Blind Cricket Championship in July in Barbados and sending a West Indies team to the Blind World Cup in South Africa in December.

"We need sponsorship and support. I'm calling on corporate Caribbean. We now speak of integration, CSME and free movement," McClean said.

Of all the burdens on this earth, being blind must be one of the most difficult. It seems to me that this is one project where I wouldn't mind the government giving some of my tax money. May God bless the work of Mr. McClean and his friends.

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