Friend of Barbados Deputy PM Mia Mottley Received How Much Government Money? !!!


UPDATED: 12:05pm March 26, 2006

Scroll down re – reader identifies “Richild” as the correct spelling of Ms. Springer’s first name…

A source within a government office tells us that a “good friend” of Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley (shown above) has been receiving rather outrageous government “consulting” contracts for at least the last three years – and maybe much longer.

The “good friend” is Richild Springer – daughter of Sir Hugh Worrell Springer, Governor-General of Barbados from 1984 to 1990. Springer now lives in Paris, France, and journeys back to Barbados once or twice a year when she receives government contracts to “consult” – usually about dancing, culture and choreography.

Our source says that a two-week contract has paid as much as Barbados $30,000… and that Ms. Springer has also been a house-guest of Mia Mottley.

Yes, that’s what we said… “Thirty-thousand Barbados Dollars” for two weeks of ‘consulting’. The source also maintains that while Richild Springer was once a professional calibre ballet teacher, her advanced arthritis means that the only “choreography” she could do these days would be while sitting in a chair or leaning on her cane.

Our source also reports that rumours are flying that this “good friend” situation has been threatening to boil over for a while, and in fact, was a factor in Mia Mottley’s apparent demotion during the last cabinet shuffle.

“If this story got out, the Prime Minister couldn’t very well ask Mia Mottley as Attorney General to investigate herself for wrong doing!” …says our source.

So, Deputy Prime Minister Mottley… what is the story? Has the government of Barbados ever made any sort of payment to Ms. Springer? What for? How much? When? Did you ever suggest, approve or have anything to do with awarding the contract to your “good friend” ?

If the source has everything totally wrong, just say so, Ms. Mottley. Just say so.

(By the way – do any of our readers have any other photos of Richild Springer?)

UPDATED: 12:05pm March 26, 2006

One of our readers clarified that Ms. Springer’s first name is correctly spelled as “Richild” and directs us to the website of the Barbados National Cultural Foundation.

The Barbados National Cultural Foundation website has this to say about Ms. Springer…

“- Ongoing workshops conducted by internationally acclaimed dancers-like Barbados-born Richild Springer (resident in Paris), France’s Pascal Couillaud and Jamiaca’s Barbara Requa and L’Antoinette Stines-have generated increased demands for local dance studios.”

The questions now become…

– Was Richild Springer in fact paid $30,000 Barbados each year for 2 weeks work?

– Was Springer also paid travel, meals and residence expenses?

– Was Springer paid these expenses while staying as a house-guest of Mia Mottley?

– What did Springer do? How many hours of work, where and when? How was this audited? Were members of the public present? Who are the students? How many years has this been going on?

– Considering Springer’s arthritis, just how much dancing is she capable of?

The Central Bank of Barbados lists the average per capita income as US$7,350.00. That means that Richild Springer is being paid two-year’s annual income for an average Barbadian for just two weeks of “consulting”… plus expenses, of course.


Some of our additional questions and answering excerpts from the NCF website…

Where did the Barbados National Cultural Foundation come from?

“The National Cultural Foundation is a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament in 1983. Its mandate is to oversee the cultural landscape of Barbados…”

How Many Friends of Government Now Feeding At This Trough? …

“Also during the early years of its operations (1984 – 1995) the head of this organisation was called the Director, a term which was subsequently changed to Chief Executive Officer in 1994 to reflect the new role and expanded focus on the business of culture.

There are now Cultural Officers, rather than Officers attached to zones, for each artistic discipline, namely: Visual Arts (which encompasses Fine Art and Craft), Literary Arts, Music, Dance and Theatre Arts and Research.

In addition, the Foundation now has an eight-member internal Management Team comprising: the Chief Executive Officer, Manager of Administration, Financial Controller, Chief Cultural Officer, Senior Business Development Officer, Technical Officer, Marketing Officer and Corporate Communications Specialist.”

So What is the Primary Mission of the NCF? …

“Mission Statement:

To fuel the development of culture through training, research and the creation of opportunities in cultural industries.

The Role of the NCF

The NCF’s two major roles are: developmental and commercial. In its developmental role, the Foundation uses culture as a tool for national development fostering and supporting the various art forms and new cultural products. In its commercial role, the Foundation is responsible for the promotion, production and hosting of cultural festivals and associated events that are considered economically viable or socially acceptable. A key part of this function now includes the responsibility for the staging and execution of major governmental and national events.”

(I see… tax money for “staging and execution of major governmental and national events.”

Who Is on The Board? …

Mr. Al Gilkes Chairman
Mr. H Adrian Cummins Deputy Chairman
Mrs. Carol Nicholls Member
Mr. Hal Gollop Member
Mrs. Beverley Alleyne Member
Mrs. Denyse Menard-Greenidge Member
Ms. Alissandra Cummins Member
Mr. Oliver Jordan Member
Dr. Ikael Tafari Member
Ms. Carla Springera Member

HEY…. Is “Carla Springera” as shown on the website really “Carla Springer” and related to Richild Springer? Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

hmmmmmm….. Shona can dance – and probably a lot better than Richild Springer at this stage. If Shona had a relative on the Board of Directors, could she get some of that easy money too? Where might she apply?


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26 responses to “Friend of Barbados Deputy PM Mia Mottley Received How Much Government Money? !!!

  1. Jane

    I think the lady’s name is Richild Springer.

  2. ha ha haaa. Amazing yet another issue concerning Mia and another person and no surprise it is a woman. I am no fan of this woman althought if faced with the choice of voting for a party headed by Her or Thompy, she would get my support. Mia reminds me of Bill Clinton, brilliant and focus to their respective country’s benefit, but having personal lifestyle choices and engaging in personal infalicities that will make it very difficult to achieve any lasting benefits.

  3. BFP

    Very true, Adrian.

    No matter what, Clinton will always be remembered as a cigar, er… smoker.

    Mia? Tough call right now. The Prime Minister is obviously trying to sideline her, but until this came up, I didn’t have a clue as to why he would be trying to diminish Mottley’s roll in government.

    Is there any other reason why Owen Arthur would have demoted her? I can’t think of any, but maybe you or some of our other readers can speculate?

  4. Jane

    Adrian, is there a scoop like this on Thompy too?

  5. ….Hi Jane I don’t know that there is, and a politician personal choices isn’t really any concern of mine. It only becomes my concern when those choices prohibits them from functioning to my benefit and that of the country. The Monica Lew…. incident bogged down Clinton to the point that he wasn’t able to perform his duties and the country suffered. While both Mia and Thompy do not have a tract record of accomplishments that they can be proud off I have base my idea of who’s is most likely to be better for the country on their respective comments regarding economics,geopolitical,and social concerns. Thompy beats her in my opinion on social issues.

    ….I don’t see how this incident could have led or would have led to her change in ministry. I honestly see her new duties as a positive thing for her, and not as the demotion that many suggest it is. Also, was Mia Mottley minister of culture at anytime? As Attorney General she would not have had the power or authority to authorize this consultation. This would have fall under Owen Arthur as i think he has responsibility for culture. I think it is rediculuous the sum that is paid to Rachild Springer, but i am willing to temper this with the need to bring home more of Barbados international stars, and successfull citizens i.e. Sir Gary, Oba, etc Cardinal Ward etc. Remember folks when Queen Eliza…visits us, we pay.

    Jane do you know if Tom Adams is Thompy’s father fuh real? 😀


  6. John

    Adrian, why vote a party in?

    Believe it or not, there are many older heads who vote on the basis of party, but who will vote them out. They have seen it all. It just takes a while to figure it out.

    Perhaps the parties might begin to give us candidates who are not there just to make up a number, who knows!!

    Isn’t the fundamental problem here the quality of the candidiate?

    So it looks like a lot of coin tossing now that we might have two alternatives to the incumbent party.

    Keep ’em moving!! If you let them stop and get comfortable …. trouble. Don’t put a time limit. Use the opportunity when it presents itself every five years, sooner if possible.

    Remember, they are our servants!! Which one lately have you heard acknowledge this simple fact with both sincere and humble words and deeds you could believe?

    Then again, who listens any more? They have become as all do after time, pompous, overbearing and a liability. Can’t help being cynical, but I am willing to change.

  7. Jane

    Glad to say I am politically non-partisan.
    Adrian, as to the other question, I don’t know but I was always curious so if you find out please let me know.

  8. Jane: Non-partisan is the best way to be. I am very much interested in unearthing the truth, but as you know getting information in Barbados and on Barbadians is a very difficult thing, also living away from de island doesn’t help. Here is a business opportunity for any enterprising Bajan at home. Can you imagine the possible wealth of knowledge that is probably contained in Eri “Fly’ Sealy’s head? I am surprise that no one has thought of tapping this all to eager to talk Barbadian Icon, for his knowledge of Barbadian politics and it’s players past and present.

    John: I am not into a party politics, party diehardism is for stupid people (the followers, flag waivers, and those who wear a red/blue t-shirt) many continue to do this for personal gain and too advantage their placement at the public trough. They are yardfowls and those who behave like yardfowls. I once wrote a comment titled “Seperated only by the colour of their shirts) to which Liz Thompson in a nattionnews article opined in agreement.

    ……Who is likely to be the PM should be of the utmost importance to every citizen of Barbados, and this is so by the vast power given to this individual. The problem is that the citizen does not have an active or personal role in selecting this all powerfull individual, this remains the responsibility of the party, and then the members of parliament. The only way that a citizen has any possibility of a say is to vote less for the consituency representative and more for the party that is led by the person that they prefer to be PM. I do not like this particular electorial mechanism as it perpetuate the Master/client mentality that is commonly known as “cornbeef and biscuits” politics, and continues to give unreasonable advantage to the party and severily disadvantage the growth and deepening of democracy, but i will work with and within the current system, while seeking and agitating for it’s change.

  9. Jane

    Adrian, it’s a long, hard road, though. Are you a Bajan and why did you leave? Will you vote?

  10. John


    We don’t have to settle for whatever the parties feel to give us. Only if we let them know we expect nothing will we most certainly get it, with an invoice attached.

    They are our servants, particularly the PM. It is we who are all powerful.

    Keep letting them know we have high expectations of them and guess what, they might just get better at serving us and not themselves.

    It is really up to us to seek more and never be satisfied with sloppy performance and excuses. We do not have to settle for less unless we decide to do so.

    If we get slack, they will get slacker. Remember, many MP’s are from poor and humble beginnings trusted by us to act in spheres of power, influence and responsibility on our behalf. Many are not accustomed to this trust which we give them and sometimes they forget or take it for granted, and we let them. Many have no training or experience for the responsibility that gets trusted to them.

    They need our help, guidance and prayers. We owe it to ourselves and to them.

  11. Jane Says:

    March 28th, 2006 at 12:44 am e

    Adrian, it’s a long, hard road, though. Are you a Bajan and why did you leave? Will you vote?

    Indeed it is Jane indeed. Yes i am a Barbadian. I concider myself an economic refugee in America. Couldn’t find my way, on my own terms in Barbados. I intend too this time around. I was planning on using CWC 2007 too visit all the english speaking caribbean islands, but have decided to do that another time, instead i will be home for nomination day, and return in time for the official start of the campaign season and election day.

  12. Jane

    I know exactly what you mean. All the best.

  13. Grace

    Carla Springer is not related to Richild Springer. By the way how about the contracts Mia gave to her cousin Aja, can anyone shed more light. How about the female clique headed by Ms. Mottley??

  14. cat eyes

    Just saw this. Richild has been a family friend of the Mottley’s for years, and everyone knows in Barbados, especially under this government, friends and family come first. This is in reference to the comment re Aja. One must also remember that at one point no national show came off – especially NCF- without Arturo, Mia’s cousin. No disrespect to the genius, meaning Arturo. I do find the references to Mia’s and Richild’s relationship re the female thing and the comment about the female clique distasteful, though. Only in Barbados.
    People’s personal lives are irrelevant insofar at they do not impact on the public purse and the person’s ability to carry out his or her duties as per Adrian’s comment.
    Thompson’s father was in the newspapers a couple of years ago. The trivia is as important as asking if Lindsay Bolden was Winston Hall’s father.
    As for the scoop on Thompy as far as I have heard he is happily married, raised a nephew and has three gorgeous daughters that we see him dropping to school.

  15. ross

    Anybody know how old Ms. Springer is and what she looks like? I am gypsy.

  16. Grace

    Cat Eyes my reference to the Mia clique had nothing to do with Mia’s personal life!! The clique simply means friends and family who have been able to get contracts for exorbitant amounts, some persons will never be “poor” again.

  17. Not being personally privy to such an arrangement I cannot no what really transpired. However I would like to say that I am an old friend of Ms.Springer’s from London now living middle America. I wish to come to her defense in this way, Richild Springer is a Woman above reproach and a Lady of the highest and most honourable qualities. She always conducts her business affairs with complete and total respect. Her expertise in the area of Dance and Choreography is by far among the best in theworld. What ever she received, believe me, she’s worth every penny of it.
    Sincerely Frank Dodson.

  18. BK

    Mr Dodson:

    With all due respect you have said a lot but yet succeeded in saying nothing.


  19. Hello BK,
    I merely wished to offer support to Ms.Springer, an old friend of mine,who as I recall loved her Bajan Countrymen as well as her Art with equal passion.
    Perhaps she is in Paris, if so and if she is reading all of this speculation about what she may, or may not have received for the services that she rendered, I am certain that she is utterly appalled.May you have a good day.

    Sincerely Frank Dodson.

  20. BK


    Are you indicating that if the info posted is true that she drew 20k for two weeks work that it would have been justified? Even if we consider her prowess in the field?

  21. Richild Springer may be above reproach and “by far among the best in the world” in dance. But surely we, the taxpayers, are entitled to know whether we are getting a fair return for her services, costly as they appear to be?

    There must be records kept of the work she does on her visits, workshops conducted, training of others to teach our youth, etc.. Were we aware that she was a regular visitor for Cultural purposes? One would have thought a person of her Global cultural eminence would at least be worth mention while she is here. Does she not deal with children or young artistes, only civil servants?

    As there is so little transparency on such generous stipends, we have every right to ask for details if only to reassure ourselves everything is aboveboard. If efforts are made to conceal details of such persons’ work and the payment they receive, it is fair to assume there is something to hide.

    Mia may not have been directly responsible for “employing” her, but there is little doubt that if she put in a good word for her in the right ear, Mia’s patronage would carry great weight. Who would dare buck her?

  22. marcia

    does anyone know anything about lindsey bolden and his eagle pointe cove venture? has there been any progress lately?

  23. Jerome Hinds

    When one see & hear the name Peter Boyce….then we know Crop Over Festival / Controversy is in the air !

    Check the Weekend Nation of 2007 – 05 -18 page 25 for more on the link below :

  24. Jerome Hinds

    A new blog in town…’s MADD a.k.a Peter Boyce !

    Weekend Nation 2007 – 05 -18 page 25 !

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  26. onlyme

    Adrian, linzy boldin supose to be building beautiful homes in St.Thomas called eaglepointe cove, you could have him build you a home and come back home and live, we would love to have you.