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Toronto TV News – Barbados Hospital “Squalid, Crumbling, Urine On Floor”

The story of an elderly Canadian who broke his hip on vacation is developing into major negative publicity for Barbados in the Canadian media.

According to Toronto’s Pulse 24 Television News, 91 year-old Guiessepe Fiorillo “was sent to a crumbling and ill equipped hospital” in Barbados where the conditions are “squalid” and “abysmal” with urine on the floor and “birds flying into the room.”

Regardless of any hyperbole or inaccuracies in the story, the fact that a major television station in Canada’s largest city (population over 3 million plus suburbs) is saying such things about Barbados is not a good thing.

What will be the response of the Barbados government and tourism organizations?

Minister of Health Jerome Walcott told The Nation Newspaper that he disputes parts of the Toronto TV story, but that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital had its “challenges”.

Well, that should inspire confidence in any Canadians contemplating a visit to Cricket World Cup in 2007.

A glass of rum punch for Toronto blogger & Bajan, Jdid at Doan Mind Me. (Hey Jdid, how’s the new little one and Mommy doin?)


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