Barbados Public Works Minister Gline Clarke – What Has He Been Smoking?

Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke says that, except for those nasty utility companies getting in the way, it would only take the government “two weeks” to pave a road.

From The Nation Newspaper

Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke, speaking on Day 2 of the Estimates debate in the House of Assembly yesterday, said had it not been for utility companies doing work the same time as Government, it would take ministry officials only two weeks to complete the paving of a road.

Two weeks, Mr. Minister? Then how do you explain this little crack in the pavement that hasn’t been repaired in OVER TWO YEARS…


So the question becomes… Is Minister Clarke being kept in the dark by his staff, or are those Cuban cigars he likes a little too strong? Perhaps he should switch back to those small Jamaican, er, cigars, that he used to enjoy before he entered politics.

Or could there be another reason altogether that the road in the photo (which is near the proposed Greenland dump) has not been re-paved?

Could it be that the road is just not stable enough to re-pave?

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3 responses to “Barbados Public Works Minister Gline Clarke – What Has He Been Smoking?

  1. John

    If we poor uninformed and simple individuals sitting on the outside can see how obtuse this thread of reasoning is what does it say about MP’s actually present who sit through the presentation and make no attempt to guide the minister back to reality.

  2. Members of Parliament in Barbados drive luxury cars some with tinted windows.
    If they had to drive 10 year old Nissan March or Suziki, they would realise the seriousness of the road problem.
    They should be required to take a minibus to work once a week.
    That would be reality.

  3. John

    You are right.

    Their silence says everything!!

    It is saying like Marie Antoinette, ” .. let them eat cake!!”