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Barbados Public Works Minister Gline Clarke – What Has He Been Smoking?

Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke says that, except for those nasty utility companies getting in the way, it would only take the government “two weeks” to pave a road.

From The Nation Newspaper

Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke, speaking on Day 2 of the Estimates debate in the House of Assembly yesterday, said had it not been for utility companies doing work the same time as Government, it would take ministry officials only two weeks to complete the paving of a road.

Two weeks, Mr. Minister? Then how do you explain this little crack in the pavement that hasn’t been repaired in OVER TWO YEARS…


So the question becomes… Is Minister Clarke being kept in the dark by his staff, or are those Cuban cigars he likes a little too strong? Perhaps he should switch back to those small Jamaican, er, cigars, that he used to enjoy before he entered politics.

Or could there be another reason altogether that the road in the photo (which is near the proposed Greenland dump) has not been re-paved?

Could it be that the road is just not stable enough to re-pave?

A glass of rum-punch to Bim Today for the tip.


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Barbados Greenland Dump Had “Technical Flaws In Design” – Prime Minister Arthur

Just a quick post this morning before work…

Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur admitted yesterday in the House of Assembly that the design of the Greenland waste dump had technical flaws. From The Nation Newspaper

“When this current phase of operations at Mangrove comes to an end, that is the end of the operation of landfills at Mangrove. We will go to Greenland, having corrected any technical flaws in the design of Greenland as any responsible Government should do.”

So the “technical flaws in the design” have been corrected, Mr. Prime Minister?

That’s Great!

But seeing as this is the first time that the Government has admitted technical flaws in the design (that I know of), how about telling us what those flaws were and how they have been corrected?

We’re all big boys and girls here, and we know that we have to do something with the garbage, so how about releasing your “design flaw corrections” report? That would go a long way to show that the Government wasn’t hiding anything or just transferring the problem from one spot on the island to another.

And also remind us, Prime Minister… why haven’t we considered the new incineration technologies like the ones that are keeping Singapore so clean?


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