British Children Sent To Barbados For Better Education

According to a UPI article, more and more West Indian families in Britain are sending their children back to the Caribbean to get a better public school education…

“Hundreds of children from families native to the Caribbean live with relatives in Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago so they can attend school there. They are separated from their parents for several months in an effort to get a more disciplined, traditional and structured school experience, the Sunday Telegraph reported.”

Anyone who has been inside a classroom lately in London, Toronto or New York City knows exactly what this article is talking about.

Now, where are the additional funds coming from for the increased foreign student loads in Barbados?

Oh yes, of course… from Bajans in Barbados. Silly us for even thinking anything else.

Aren’t open markets and borderless economies great?


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3 responses to “British Children Sent To Barbados For Better Education

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  2. Bridgette Anderson

    Hello how are you doing, ok this is not a comment but i would love to attend college/university in Barbados. knowing that it is free it would be a great opportunity for me. im a Jamaican citizen and our government doesnt offer free education and its very hard to find the funds to attend colleges and without a college education we wont get a paying job i so wish i was a citizen of Barbados because i can see where the Barbados government cares. Im not coming from a wealth background and so im trying everything posible to get some help please to whom this may concern im asking for a little help i would love to attend school in your country. im a very nice care down to earth love to interact with people person.i promise you i wont be of any problem to u or anyone esle you can go ahead and check on my background and you will see that im a very nice individual please contact me at my e-mail address or call me at 1876-896-0892 please i just need some help thank you looking forward in hearing from you. big up to the Barbados government “nuff love”

  3. It’s a shame that government bureaucracy seems to win out over commen sense when it comes to educational spending and proven strategies for improving economic performance by investing in young people.