Cricket Council Seeks Laws Against Higher Hotel Rates

The International Cricket Council wants Governments to cap hotel profits during the Cricket World Cup 2007.

Hmmmmm… Perhaps Owen Arthur’s good friend Castro could give the Government of Barbados some advice on whether or not to implement price controls?

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (AP) – The International Cricket Council is seeking government intervention to keep hotel operators from charging exorbitant rates during next year’s Cricket World Cup, some 300 per cent above normal…

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2 responses to “Cricket Council Seeks Laws Against Higher Hotel Rates

  1. Iko Davidson

    I wish Mr. Dearing would try to control the cost of the tickets for the games like how he is trying to control the hotels. Did he ever study economics? The demand far outstrips the supply. Of course the hotels are going to try to get the most for their rooms!


  2. BFP

    Exactly, Iko.

    The chambermaids, petrol station employees and fish vendors have about as much chance of seeing a Cricket World Cup match as they have of winning the lottery… so if petrol goes up during the games, if plates of fried fish increase in price at Oistins, if chambermaids hope for a larger tip during the games – what business is it of the government?

    You can wager that the cricket organizations will be making a killer profit during the games… and that is after being subsidized by hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues.

    Now they want to be subsidized from the hotels too.