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Negrocrat Controversy: Barbados Environment Minister Uses “Caucasian” as Racial Slur

Barbados Environment Minister Liz Thompson On Video Using Racial Slur – click on photo


Sometimes people get so caught up in a discussion, that they forget they are in a public forum. They forget to put on a false front. They forget to use language that conceals their prejudices and hidden motivations.

We have all seen these moments – when the truth about someone’s perceptions, values and their innermost heart just slips out before they can stop themselves.

Mostly, the truth of these moments is only realized by those who are there at the time, but even if the slip is made in a public forum, the incident is soon replaced in the news cycle and fades from public memory.


Welcome, Minister Thompson, to Videotape and the Internet

In October of 2005 at function at the Hilton Hotel, and again at another location in January of this year, Environment Minister Elizabeth Thompson was overheard using the word “Caucasian” as a derogatory racial term. Minister Thompson obviously thought that this was acceptable to the people surrounding her – who were all black Barbadians.

No, Minister Thompson… we don’t all think as you do.

– and it triggered a long-forgotten memory of Minister Thompson making a mistake on television and using that same derogatory term. Now, after two months of searching, Barbados Free Press has managed to find a copy of the video.

In February of 1995, then Minister of Health Elizabeth Thompson participated in a debate about the decision of the Barbados Government to place a garbage dump in the Greenland watershed. In reply to environmental activist Richard Goddard’s determination use the international media to sway the court of public opinion against the Barbados Government, Minister Thompson said…

“I take extreme offense at a Caucasian male telling me, as a Minister of Government in modern Barbados, that he is going to treaten to embarrass a national government in this way. It is completely unacceptable…”

Mr. Goddard is, of course, a citizen of Barbados with lighter skin than some others. Oh yes… he’s a male, too.

We will write more about this tomorrow, but for now, sit back and watch as Minister Thompson reveals a truth about her values, perceptions and innermost heart. A truth that just slipped out…

Click on the above video still of Richard Goddard to see the video.


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Barbados Government Racial Slurs: Negrocrats and Caucasians

Another Racial Slur By Another Barbados Government Minister

When Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur used the word “Negrocrat” as a derogatory racial slur against a local newspaper editor, it is a sure wager that neither the PM, nor anyone else in his government realized just how much controversy and discussion would result.

Now, Barbados Free Press has been informed that another Minister of the Government of Barbados continually uses the word “Caucasian” as a derogatory racial term – much as some would use the “N” word in the old days when referring to black Bajans.

Tape Recording Exists 

Shona of our staff has heard a tape recording of this Barbados Government Minister using the term “caucasian” – “exactly like an old generation used the word “n- -g-r”, according to Shona.

We will have this recording in our hands tomorrow. Barbados Free Press will then post that recording online and identify the Government Minister.

Owen Arthur’s ‘Negrocrat’ Explanation Only Added Fuel to Fire

Patrick Hoyos at The Nation lets fly with another broadside against the racist comments and race-based politics of Prime Minister Owen Arthur…

“THE BARBADOS GOVERNMENT is presently being led by a poor country boy from Mile-and-a-Quarter who worked his way up to the dizzying heights of prime-ministership by dint of hard work and long toil into the night.

And anyone who doesn’t stick to this as the sole aspect of the Owen Arthur story will be held up to ridicule and public contempt…”

… The Nation article continues here.


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Colonial Barbados and the American Revolution

Linda over at My Barbados Blog has posted an excellent little piece about the ties between Colonial Barbados and America before and during the American Revolution.

According to Linda’s article, the Treaty of Oistins as signed in 1652 at the Mermaid Tavern in Oistins, Barbados, had a direct influence upon the American Declaration of Independence. Interesting.

You can find Linda’s article here.


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Cricket Council Seeks Laws Against Higher Hotel Rates

The International Cricket Council wants Governments to cap hotel profits during the Cricket World Cup 2007.

Hmmmmm… Perhaps Owen Arthur’s good friend Castro could give the Government of Barbados some advice on whether or not to implement price controls?

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (AP) – The International Cricket Council is seeking government intervention to keep hotel operators from charging exorbitant rates during next year’s Cricket World Cup, some 300 per cent above normal…

Read the rest at Slam Sports…


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