LIAT Pilots Complain of Dishonoured Salary Cheques

Everybody was angry at the LIAT pilots for their “sick-out” two weeks ago, but we didn’t know then that their salary cheques were being refused by the banks.

“Like shooting craps. Maybe the cheque will be honoured or not…” is how one LIAT pilot put it to Robert last Friday night at Edna’s.

OK, I take back all my bad thoughts about the LIAT pilots. Nobody can be expected to work for free, and three dishonoured cheques in two months is just not acceptable.

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One response to “LIAT Pilots Complain of Dishonoured Salary Cheques

  1. Wayne

    I definitely, do agree when the pilots go on a sickout. Honestly! I think it’s time LIAT file bankruptcy,and let STAR handle the rest from there.

    ONE: LIAT’s service is horrible.
    TWO: LIAT staff is very unprofessional, that is: PILOT’s flight- attendents and G-STAFF.
    THREE: Their Pilot’s work for free.

    Honestly, I think that most of these fly-boys can’t do better, that’s why they settle for mediocrity.