CARICOM: Comparing Barbados to Our Caribbean Neighbours

Anthony Gomes looks at regional comparisons in today’s Jamaica Observer. Mr. Gomes’ intent is to look at where Jamaica has to go to catch Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados if the CARICOM dream is to become a reality.

Of course, as simple numbers go, Barbados and T & T look very good when compared with Jamaica and some of our other neighbours. Here is the nut of what Mr. Gomes has to say…

The above represents a snapshot of Caricom’s two strongest economies, with Barbados experiencing considerably less crime and violence than Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago or Guyana. A comparison shows that Jamaica has some way to go before it is “level pegging” with these two dynamic member states of Caricom.

Again, we at Barbados Free Press point out that, for Barbados, the Caribbean Single Market and Economy is not all positive. Many of the so-called “benefits” of single market will only be realized by the poorer and less dynamic countries.

Yet, Bajan politicians and those who stand to make money from a unified Caribbean economy and free movement of people into Barbados continue to present only the prettiest picture of what full implementation of CARICOM will mean for the average Bajan.

In case any Bajan politicians just don’t get it, we will present the message very simply and s-l-o-w-l-y…

When CARICOM is fully implemented, Bajans will be competing for their own jobs with people from other countries who are willing to work for far lower wages.

Got it? Good.

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One response to “CARICOM: Comparing Barbados to Our Caribbean Neighbours

  1. Jerome Hinds

    Well our Caricom brother next door is having a rough time…!

    Ralph Gonsalves of St. Vincent RECENTLY :

    1. Pardoned a CONVICTED drug Lord…!

    2. Had to perform DAMAGE control over a
    STUFFED ballot box found behind a Police

    3. Endure a possible ” accident ” or ” attempt ” on
    his life….!

    4. Had to be FLOWN to CUBA to recuperate after
    the # 3 event mentioned above…!

    Does the trip to CUBA has anything to do with 1 – 4 above and the need to find ways of staying in POWER at all COSTS….?

    Would Owen Arthur journey to CUBA to be cured of…..Worldcuppis-itis as well….?