A Hot Weekend In Barbados – Who Are “R.L.” and “Little Ms” ?

Shona stumbled across This Side Of The Fence blog today and started laughing and laughing…

“I can’t imagine putting a hotty Barbados weekend on the internet like this Canadian girl. Can we figure out who is ‘R.L.’ ?”

We will leave it to our readers. Can anyone determine who this “R.L.” is? Perhaps a society chap? He goes to the Horses at Sandy Lane and seems to have all sorts of money and, um, energy!

Barbados Hot Weekend.jpg


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2 responses to “A Hot Weekend In Barbados – Who Are “R.L.” and “Little Ms” ?

  1. Pat

    He seems like a millionaire. Or was he using plastic? I wonder how much of what she wrote is true.

  2. Chaca Chaca Koo

    Little Ms. said at her blog that she is 30 years old and that RL is older man. Little Ms. is a Vietnam girl with a small daughter who live in a basement apartment in toronto.

    RL also has a howse in New York. All this I see at the blog of little ms.