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LIAT Pilots Complain of Dishonoured Salary Cheques

Everybody was angry at the LIAT pilots for their “sick-out” two weeks ago, but we didn’t know then that their salary cheques were being refused by the banks.

“Like shooting craps. Maybe the cheque will be honoured or not…” is how one LIAT pilot put it to Robert last Friday night at Edna’s.

OK, I take back all my bad thoughts about the LIAT pilots. Nobody can be expected to work for free, and three dishonoured cheques in two months is just not acceptable.

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A Hot Weekend In Barbados – Who Are “R.L.” and “Little Ms” ?

Shona stumbled across This Side Of The Fence blog today and started laughing and laughing…

“I can’t imagine putting a hotty Barbados weekend on the internet like this Canadian girl. Can we figure out who is ‘R.L.’ ?”

We will leave it to our readers. Can anyone determine who this “R.L.” is? Perhaps a society chap? He goes to the Horses at Sandy Lane and seems to have all sorts of money and, um, energy!

Barbados Hot Weekend.jpg


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New York Times Contacts Barbados Free Press over “Negrocrats”

“Dear Mr. Davidoff,

I am a features writer researching the term ‘negrocrats’…”

hmmmmmm…. Isn’t this interesting? A writer from one of the largest newspapers contacts a little Caribbean blog when researching an article. How did this come about?

“… I noticed that Barbados Free Press articles on “negrocrat” were at the top of the list on Google…”

She’s correct! The world is truly becoming a very tiny place. Here’s the screen capture…


The lady says her article may be a few weeks a coming. Times have changed…

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CARICOM: Comparing Barbados to Our Caribbean Neighbours

Anthony Gomes looks at regional comparisons in today’s Jamaica Observer. Mr. Gomes’ intent is to look at where Jamaica has to go to catch Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados if the CARICOM dream is to become a reality.

Of course, as simple numbers go, Barbados and T & T look very good when compared with Jamaica and some of our other neighbours. Here is the nut of what Mr. Gomes has to say…

The above represents a snapshot of Caricom’s two strongest economies, with Barbados experiencing considerably less crime and violence than Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago or Guyana. A comparison shows that Jamaica has some way to go before it is “level pegging” with these two dynamic member states of Caricom.

Again, we at Barbados Free Press point out that, for Barbados, the Caribbean Single Market and Economy is not all positive. Many of the so-called “benefits” of single market will only be realized by the poorer and less dynamic countries.

Yet, Bajan politicians and those who stand to make money from a unified Caribbean economy and free movement of people into Barbados continue to present only the prettiest picture of what full implementation of CARICOM will mean for the average Bajan.

In case any Bajan politicians just don’t get it, we will present the message very simply and s-l-o-w-l-y…

When CARICOM is fully implemented, Bajans will be competing for their own jobs with people from other countries who are willing to work for far lower wages.

Got it? Good.

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Anti-Terror Amateur Night in Barbados


The above photo was published (without the red marks covering faces) in Barbados’ The Nation Newspaper on March 8, 2006, and shows members of the Royal Barbados Police Force SSU (Special Services Unit) undergoing training in the U.K. for anti-terror duties at Cricket World Cup 2007.

Only one problem… For the most obvious of reasons, professional Anti-Terror Units worldwide take great pains to conceal the identities and photographs of serving members. It is a pretty basic concept – If the bad guys know the faces and names of the good guys, it gives them an advantage.

History is full of criminal, military and terror attacks where the bad guys have taken out the security detail prior to their primary targets because they knew the identities and other intelligence about the security personnel.

So who was the idiot responsible for releasing this photo to the media? According to the anonymous friend who alerted Barbados Free Press to this story, the photo was supposed to remain “in house”, but some “higher up” in the RBPF left his brain at home that day and released the photo to show what a great job the police were doing to prepare for World Cup.


Our friend also says that Police Superintendent Forte was “absolutely furious” over the incident.

Barbados Free Press Comments

Superintendent Forte might be “absolutely furious” over the breach, but the photo is still online, so perhaps the good Superintendent should pick up the phone and have a little chat with Mr. Hoyte at The Nation. Mr. Hoyte, being the decent chap that he is, would surely understand and quietly take down the photo.

The big lesson to be learned from all this is that it cannot be “business as usual” anymore with certain old-guard police leadership thinking more of publicity and “looking good” than of operational integrity. The threats from Muslim terrorists at the Cricket World Cup are very real, and it is obvious that some management-types in the RBPF have not yet made the necessary attitude adjustment.

The RBPF Special Services Unit is staffed with some of the brightest, best and yes – the toughest – professionals anywhere… but will Senior Management allow them to be the best they can be?

Barbados Free Press will continue to follow this part of the Cricket World Cup 2007 story.

Previous Barbados Free Press article: “Cricket World Cup 2007 Prepares for Muslim Terror Threat…”

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