Barbados Owen Arthur “Negrocrat” Controversy Will Not Die

As earlier reported by Barbados Free Press in our article Of “Negrocrats”, “Oreos”, “Iggas” and Other Racial Slurs In Barbados, the controversy over Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s use of the word “Negrocrats” is continuing to receive coverage in the international media.

According to the CBC, the Prime Minister defended his use of the word “Negrocrat” over the weekend, and said that he intended to make “Negrocrat” a regular part of his vocabulary.

Well, calling opponents racial terms like “Negrocrats” should go over very well when Mr. Arthur goes begging to the international banking community to finance his cricket spending. “Negrocrats” is widely perceived in the international community as an unacceptable racial slur of the type commonly used by low people.

Owen Arthur is becoming a national embarrassment on the world stage.

The St. Kitts & Nevis Democrat Newspaper published an article “A Negrocrat New Word In Caribbean Political Usage” and quoted from the Barbados Free Press…

Needless to say, PM Arthur has not scored many popularity points for this name-calling exercise. In some quarters he is accused of using a ”racist” word against his own race and in so doing has disgraced Barbados on the World Stage.

“Do these Bajans not realize how this looks to rest of the world? Do they not realize how hurtful and self-destructive this is for Barbados?” asks someone on the Barbados Free Press Blog website.

Other international media picking up on the “negrocrat” discussion include Harvard Law School’s Global Voices, the Haiti Sun and Voice of Barbados Radio.

If the New York Times publishes a four-line “negrocrat” piece quoting Owen Arthur, that will define Barbados in the minds of many for a decade to come.

Nice going, Owen.


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