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Blogging Around Barbados On A Friday Night

So many people to visit tonight and so little time, so forgive us for not writing a whole lot on a Friday night (and church tomorrow for Robert anyway). Some Bajan blogs of note and some other friends from around the blogsphere…

Bim Today comments on the fact that the National Drug Plan seems to have run out of money… Bajan pharmacists have not been paid in months for dispensing prescriptions under the government plan. What went wrong? Apparently nothing, according to the Minister of Health.

Our friend at Gllimaufry talks about the Bridgetown Film Festival to be held in May. Shona thinks she can have her short ready in time, if only she can talk a certain somebody into a weekend or two of free editing. (She says she will cook a fine meal, so it might be worth it!)

Jdid (a Bajan in cold cold Toronto) has just become a father. Why, upon reading his “Doan Mind Me” blog you would think that he had the boy himself! 🙂 May the Lord bless you and your family Jdid.

Linda at “My Barbados Blog” reports on the re-opening of the Mango Bay Resort after 10 million dollars were spent to freshen up the place. Hmmmmm….Wonder what that will do to the price of a rum an lime at the bar?

AND…. because we just can’t help it, we note again that the Auditor General of Barbados, Mr. Hallam Phillips, still doesn’t have a website. Shoutin’ at you Mr. Phillips… doan forget, our offer of a free website still stands!

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