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Barbados Government Silences Own Greenland Experts

Richard Hoad gave a full-broadside in The Nation last week, and somehow we missed it… so better late than never we will provide some excerpts for your education and entertainment…

Take Greenland (now known as Brokeback Mountain since the project was bare bull from the word “go” and all they ever do is “retro-fit”). Government’s advisers, Stanley Associates, did not recommend Greenland. Government’s technical staff in Town Planning, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Soil Conservation Unit were all against it.

But from the day that Government decided on Greenland, all these experts were silenced. They became eunuchs. And that is why we had to have a white foreign geologist pitted against Government’s Leslie Barker. The black local experts in Government who are as qualified as Leslie Barker but oppose Greenland cannot say a word in a public forum.

That is sick. Government should not be selectively manipulating and suppressing technical information. Like Ricardo Marshall saying that America isn’t building incinerators but neglecting to say that some 33 new incinerators are being planned or built in Britain and there’s talk of 100 more.

That is why Leslie Barker has to come out with the utter nonsense that Government could use Greenland for 15 years and by then incinerators might be safe. Modern incinerators are already safe. Since 1996, reports Britain’s Environment Authority, cadmium emissions have been cut by 88 per cent, lead emissions by 99 per cent, dioxin emissions by 97 per cent. But that apart, would you put a virtual time-bomb in a fragile area to save 15 years?

Well said, Mr. Hoag!

Now where are those Barbados Government reports on the new incinerator technologies?

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