Proposed Barbados Anti-Corruption Law Absolves Government Family Members and Associates For Past Corruption

“Having the Barbados Government now ram some legislation through that will legally excuse past behaviour and protect friends and associates from prosecution for past thefts is to be expected…”

“A typical fox guarding the hen-house scenario…”

… Lunchtime conversation overheard last week at the Accra Beach Resort between the first bottle of white wine and the serving of tea.

During the recent Barbados Seminar sponsored by the United Nations to discuss ratifying the Convention Against Corruption, Barbados Attorney General Marshall stated that “the government abhors corruption in both the public and private sector” and that “the government plans to put legislation in place to effect this shortly.”

The criminalization of corrupt behaviour is one of the first steps necessary to fight this plague, and for that we applaud the Owen Arthur government… as Barbados currently lacks anti-corruption laws.

Should we all be cheering? Not so fast…

Barbados Free Press has been informed that the new “anti-corruption” legislation will include a provision to “grandfather in” protection for current and past government members to prevent them from being prosecuted for past corrupt acts.

Disgusting. You heard it here first – now, will the mainstream Barbados media have the courage to ask the tough questions?


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5 responses to “Proposed Barbados Anti-Corruption Law Absolves Government Family Members and Associates For Past Corruption


    ….The main stream Barbadian media is too heavily invested in partisan politics to find the time to engage in investigative journalism.

  2. Island Girl

    Will they do this? can they do this ? If they stole some money can they forgive themself with a law?

  3. Jane

    Is somebody suggesting writing off stolen taxpayers hardearned money which is supposed to be well administered by the trusted leaders of our country for the benefit of all? If there is proof of past or any corruption, no absolution! If you catch a tief lock him/her up – Pay back the money. Make an example for all to see.

  4. Jane

    There is so much talk about the politicians stealing money from the country but what about the proof? If there really is corruption there has to be evidence. Who has the evidence and why aren’t we seeing it in the press?

  5. Steve

    it will all rest with the people.