Barbados Greenland Consultancy Fees

You know what they say… A million here, a million there – and pretty soon you’re talking real money…

From this morning’s Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation website


Minister of Health, Jerome Walcott, has asked government for a supplemental of over a million dollars to retrofit the Greenland landfill.

Mr. Walcott says no provision for this expense was made in this year’s Sanitation Service Authority estimates.

He also told the Lower House the funds will provide part-payment for imported aggregate, key to retrofitting the landfill and the balance will also cover consultancy fees.

Whatever the cost of the consultant – we want the Minister to know that we could have achieved the same result for half the money. After all, the object of hiring a consultant was merely to provide public justification for what the government was already going to do.

Yes, for sure we could have produced a report that parroted the government’s position for only half the money. Next time, just give us a call, Minister!

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