We Are Trying Some New Layouts – Only For This Week

Hi Folks

We are going to be cycling through a few new layouts this week just to see how we and our readers like them.

This is “Saphire Layout”

Please leave a comment or two and let us know what do you think.


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2 responses to “We Are Trying Some New Layouts – Only For This Week

  1. neil

    I like the new font for the links. they are now more legible.

    i’m inclined not to vote for the black margins but that is a personal thing. when i see black margins or black background i generally think it is an entertainment site as opposed to news and views.

    but regardless of the layout i’m loving the site. top drawer. you have definitely made a loyal reader out of me.

    good luck making it a bigger success

  2. BFP

    Thanks Neil

    We will leave this theme up for a week and then try another. I would also like to see this theme with white borders, but that isn’t possible with this version of WordPress. We sacrifice some control in order to remain anonymous.

    A fair trade because de man of Owen Arthur would tow away my car right away were it known I am writing these words!