New Album Release – JOMO “Free” – Barbados Music

JOMO_Lord1.jpgSungoddess is letting the world know that some big things are happening in her life. First, she tells us that she has a boy on the way!

Good for you, Sungoddess. Your son will be a blessing in your life. We all prayed for the two of you the moment we read your website…(not that HE listens specially to us any more than anyone else of course.)

Second, her brother (that would be “Uncle” to the little one) has just released his first album in Barbados through CRS Music. JOMO “Free” has some fabulous tracks that have already received some airplay in Barbados and Trinidad – including “Understanding Joseph” originally released by The Purple Turle Injection. (JOMO and Hans Kirton together.)

Sungoddess has posted some free samples at her website in RealAudio format. She likes the single “Free”, but I really dig “Lingo”… kind of a flowing-stream-of-consciousness island flavoured house tune with a dash of reggie in the backbeat.

Yes, I really did buy it. Check it out at Sungoddess or listen to samples from every track and then buy it online here.

Gw’on now… buy that CD. It is important to support Bajan music, but it is really easy when it is good music… and JOMO’s Free is good music!

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2 responses to “New Album Release – JOMO “Free” – Barbados Music

  1. Hey Robert,

    Thanks for best wishes for the baby, and also for the blog love for Jomo.

    A couple of notes :D… although Lingo has a reggae-type vibe superficially, it’s got a kind of old fashioned Trinidad French Creole calypso type feel to it as well. Listen again and see if you can pick it out.

    You gotta understand though mate… I been hearing these songs for so many years in so many incarnations… yet I still listen to them on my iPod when I’m on the move. Plus for me, I’ve had the Holder’s House set (of which Lingo is one) on my iPod and laptop for the last couple of years. And well, I have heard them over and over and over and over again in that period. It’s weird, because my favourite track from that set never made it to the album, and may never see the light of day, but I love it still.

    However, the last six tracks on the album I’ve only heard during the composing phase, and with acoustic guitar backing. So the last six tracks on the album are like falling into a whole new range of listening for me, since my brother and I haven’t been living in the same country for a couple of years. I knew he was in the studio, but hadn’t heard what he had done to these songs… so to go from hearing the acoustic versions to this full-bodied, rich sound is just a trip. So that’s why those three tracks are my faves on the album.

    “Free” (the track) I ALWAYS loved, and can remember Friday nights at Olive’s in Holetown ten years ago, me and my peeps on the balcony firing up lighters and BAWLING for it… then singing it word for word and the guitar solo note for note. LOL! So hearing it in this incarnation is a dream for me… the other two I always liked…. and love what he’s done to them.

    It’s kind of cool, because everyone I talk to has their favourites. My mother loves “Angelsong” and is always singing it… 😀

    Poor Jomo though, he won’t let us play the CD in the house… and I have to turn down the speakers on my laptop when he’s around. He says he can’t stand to hear himself anymore. 😀

    He’s having an interview with Hurricane (not sure who that is) in the morning…. 😀

  2. ndelamiko

    HEY!!! Today is that boy’s (the baby’s) first birthday!! How awesome is that?