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Welcome Delegates to UN Corruption Seminar – Barbados

Barbados Free Press welcomes delegates to the United Nations Corruption Seminar being held this week at the Accra Beach Hotel and Resort. The seminar is being held to discuss the ratification of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, and is organised by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

For the first time, our logs are showing web visitors from the Accra Hotel, so we presume they must be delegates to the seminar. Some have even arrived after Google-searching terms such as “political corruption barbados”, “owen arthur” and “sustainable tourism barbados”.

(As an aside – it is interesting that a Google search for just the Prime Minister’s name “Owen Arthur” results in a Barbados Free Press article as hit number 14 out of over 5 million hits!)

So welcome, and here are a few of our posts that might interest you…

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UN Hosts Corruption Seminar in Barbados… How Appropriate!

“Corruption in a country’s political framework is an obstacle to sustainable development.”

This was the general view put forth by Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Senator John Williams as well as Wendell Goodin, Director of the Organisation of American States (OAS). Williams and Goodin were speaking on September 6, 2005 at the Accra Hotel at the opening ceremony of the Regional Seminar on Integrity Standards.

From the Barbados Advocate article here.

How appropriate that Barbados is now hosting yet another anti-corruption meeting: this time a United Nations international conference where 13 English-speaking Caribbean countries are meeting to discuss ratification of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

Barbados: a country where the Auditor General doesn’t even have a website or post annual reports online.

Barbados: a country where there are no conflict of interest guidelines or rules for legislators.

Barbados: a country where there are no disclosure rules for politicians or government employees who are able to award contracts worth millions without oversight or accountability.

Barbados: a country where private property is seized by the government using the weakest of excuses, and then ends up being transferred later to certain private individuals and entities.

Yes friends, Barbados is an excellent location for a Corruption Seminar.


Updated: Also see “Welcome Delegates to UN Corruption Seminar – Barbados”


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We Are Trying Some New Layouts – Only For This Week

Hi Folks

We are going to be cycling through a few new layouts this week just to see how we and our readers like them.

This is “Saphire Layout”

Please leave a comment or two and let us know what do you think.


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Barbados Free Press – #3 in Google Search!



A standard web search* for “Barbados Politics” at Google returns Barbados Free Press articles as hits numbers 3 and 4 out of almost 3 million hits!

It looks like this thing might have a future…

Our thanks to our readers.

* This is a standard Google web search: not a “blog” search. Wow!

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New Album Release – JOMO “Free” – Barbados Music

JOMO_Lord1.jpgSungoddess is letting the world know that some big things are happening in her life. First, she tells us that she has a boy on the way!

Good for you, Sungoddess. Your son will be a blessing in your life. We all prayed for the two of you the moment we read your website…(not that HE listens specially to us any more than anyone else of course.)

Second, her brother (that would be “Uncle” to the little one) has just released his first album in Barbados through CRS Music. JOMO “Free” has some fabulous tracks that have already received some airplay in Barbados and Trinidad – including “Understanding Joseph” originally released by The Purple Turle Injection. (JOMO and Hans Kirton together.)

Sungoddess has posted some free samples at her website in RealAudio format. She likes the single “Free”, but I really dig “Lingo”… kind of a flowing-stream-of-consciousness island flavoured house tune with a dash of reggie in the backbeat.

Yes, I really did buy it. Check it out at Sungoddess or listen to samples from every track and then buy it online here.

Gw’on now… buy that CD. It is important to support Bajan music, but it is really easy when it is good music… and JOMO’s Free is good music!

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Jamaica’s Ruling Party Elects First Female President

Portia Simpson Miller is now the President of the People’s National Party of Jamaica. She will likely become the new Prime Minister with PJ Patterson retires next month.

Black Britain via Booker Rising

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