Letters to Barbados Free Press – From All Over

A few letters from our Barbados Free Press mail sack…

A reader from the Cayman Islands alerted us that one of our articles was referred to in the discussion about Cayman independence. Dale Fogis wrote in the Cayman News

Transparency Not Independence

…there are some people here who wish the Cayman Islands to have full independence. .. If that happens sooner rather than later …

We might be reading headlines in Cayman such as those posted in the Barbados Free Press recently where they have the Prime Minister with bank accounts and shares in public companies and private ventures that he keeps secret from the electorate and the Legislature and won’t even post a copy of the Auditor General’s report for all citizens to see.

I have to agree with the Barbados Free Press comments, ‘In any democracy, and especially a small democracy like Barbados, public oversight of potential conflicts of interest should be a high priority. Otherwise, the governing elites seem unable to avoid the temptation of feathering their nests. ‘

It is hoped by many that the Cayman Islands are a very long way off from cutting those ties with the United Kingdom until issues of human rights, freedom of information and transparency become a reality and not just a document.

From the United Kingdom, Richard Hudson – brother of Dr. Colin Hudson sent best wishes. (Dr. Colin Hudson was featured in our article “Remembering the Message of Dr. Colin Hudson – Barbados Environmental Advocate.”

From Trinidad & Tobago, reader “Gregory NOLASTNAME” (just like we received it!) emailed us…

“Please show a pic of Shona she sound like a hotty…”

Greg also directed our attention to a United Nations Conference on Corruption that starts tomorrow in Barbados.

Thanks Greg, we’ll dig up what we can on the conference… but Shona says she is “max happy” with her current squeeze. Tough luck, old chap!

Y’vonne from the United States writes….

I like your site the way it is. I know I am one out of billions viewing, but please don’t clutter your site with miscellaneous activities/events. There are already too many Barbadian sites (that only say good things)…

…stay on that path you started out to follow. Continue to report on the happenings surrounding Barbados and remind its citizens of things, good and bad… Your theme could be, “Yet they might forgetful be, but we, BFP, right here to remind thee.”

Btw, I came across your site seeing your banner displayed at the bottom of BarbadosForum, and have been viewing your site since then.

Cheers, Yvonne

Thanks Yvonne! (Even if we are not yet up to “billions” of viewers…)

Rest assured, we are continuing with our hard-hitting articles…but we also want to communicate that we love and believe in Barbados, so we must show some positive as well as the negative. (Although it does take prayer on some days to find something politically positive!)

And last but not least, Bajan ex-pat Leigh Bourne publishes the Barbados newsletter “Ping Yark” from the United Kingdom and writes…

I came across your site completely by accident, and I love it.

This is just to let you know that I’m impressed and that I’ll be half inching (that’s pinching – which is ‘stealing’ in cockney) some of your ideas from time to time. I return I’ll send you my little production. Nod your head if you agree!

We agree, Leigh. Steal anything you want, but please give us a mention.

That’s it for the mail-bag selections today. Sorry if we can’t publish yours or respond to each email, but we do appreciate each one and read them all. Thanks for your interest… and thanks for those tips! Keep ’em coming!

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