Does Barbados Advocate Newspaper Have A Hidden Greenland Agenda?

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On Thursday, February 16, 2006, the Barbados Advocate reported on the opening of the Greenland tenders in their online piece “Tenders for Greenland Landfill Open!”

The article stated that Richard Goddard was “a member of the DLP party” and, in context, implied that Mr. Goddard’s interest in Greenland was politically motivated by his alleged DLP membership. The implication was clear enough: Mr. Goddard was using Greenland to attack the Owen Arthur Government for political purposes.

Hmmmmmm….. It must be the truth if the Barbados Advocate printed it, right?

Only one problem: Richard Goddard has never been a member of the DLP party.

“I am not nor have I ever been a member of the DLP or BLP. I dislike all politicians with a vengeance. I have worked against GREENLAND for financial and environmental objectives. Financially it will fail and will cause environmental problems for Barbados if the landfill goes to Greenland….”

Letter from Richard Goddard to Barbados Free Press

So why did the Barbados Advocate say that Richard Goddard was a member of the DLP party? Where did that information come from? Did the reporter just create Mr. Goddard’s membership out of thin air or was there a source? The Barbados Advocate hasn’t yet replied to our enquiry, and has not yet printed a correction… so just what agenda is at work here?

We at the Barbados Free Press covered the Greenland tenders with our post, “Barbados Greenland Landfill Tenders: Let The Graft Begin!” We quoted the Barbados Advocate article and one from The Nation News.

Hmmmm…. I wonder who owns the Barbados Advocate and The Nation News? What are the papers’ annual revenues from government advertising – in dollars and as a percentage of gross revenues? Has any editor ever said to a reporter, “We can’t print that. We need the government advertising” ?

So many questions and so few answers for such a small island.

Update: Feb 27/06 4:45pm

A reader “Leeton” sends us a February 24, 2006 article by the Barbados Advocate, “Greenland Defended” – saying “If you want to see the media bias for Greenland read this…”

We agree, Leeton. It does sound like a government advertisement pretending to be balanced journalism.

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