Cricket World Cup 2007 Prepares For Muslim Terror Threat – But Anti-U.S. Bias Weakens Security Effort

Will national pride trump common sense and compromise security at the Cricket World Cup 2007?

In 2007, the West Indies will host the Cricket World Cup in eleven venues. Security and anti-terrorism planning has become a nightmare of politics for those responsible for policing, security and anti-terrorism operations during the World Cup.

Barbados Free Press interviewed a confidential source who says that Anti-American Bias by Caribbean leaders is weakening security planning for this major world-class event.

Over a Friday afternoon beer, a confidential source tells Barbados Free Press that British and South African intelligence agencies and counter-terror units are to play major planning and operational roles in providing security for the 2007 Cricket World Cup – but offers of U.S. assistance are being under-utilized because of anti-American bias by Caribbean leadership.

“The South Africans are the only ones to have handled a World Cup post-nine-eleven and they did a top notch job of event planning, security and crowd control. Their tactical response units are among the the best as, team for team, the SA’s handle more incidents than anyone else. Consequently, their team members tend to have a high level of ‘live’ operational experience.”

“The Brits have a tremendous amount of organizational and operational experience from the IRA days and more recent events. They have been methodical about retaining institutional knowledge and the Iraq war has sharpened them even more.”

With all that experience, why would the Cricket World Cup need any assistance from the USA?

“Intelligence is one of the key components of large event security, and in the Western Hemisphere, the Yanks rule the roost. And just as important, they also have extensive overhead and water surveillance and interdiction assets already trained, alert and in place dealing with drug-trafficking, terrorism and immigration issues.”

What do you mean “overhead and water surveillance and interdiction assets…” ?

“Airplanes, satellites, tethered radar platforms – balloons – Naval and Coast Guard vessels and their network of covert small aircraft and vessels that would be invaluable in tracking and interdicting water or air-based terrorist threats against World Cup venues.”

And what is the problem with using American resources?

“It is a matter of national pride carried too far. Also a big anti-American feeling by many of the delegations. The Caribbean police and security services will take all the help and advice they can lay their hands on and they don’t care where it comes from. They know that if it hits the fan, they will be blamed.”

“The damned politicians are the worst enemy of those responsible for World Cup security. The Caribe politicians don’t even want the Brits to be part of it, but they are stuck with them, so there you are.”

You mean Bajan politicians are ignoring offers of American assistance for World Cup?

“Getting a little warm out so I’ll be heading back now. Thanks for the beer.”

The next article in this series will be published on Wednesday, March 1, 2006: Muslim Terrorist Operations in The Caribbean


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